Thursday, March 29, 2007


There have been so many issues within our family and friends with alcohol that I wanted to present my point of view here. I don't ever want anybody around me to look at me and think that I think that I'm better than anybody. I don't want to seem judgemental at all --- and I don't want to seem anything less than loving and forgiving. But I also can't help that the purity and light God has allowed to be shone through me offends the sin in others. Like my post below -- I want to step on people's toes without scuffing up their shoes. I want their sin to feel a bit challenged in my presence -- but not their character or themselves personally.

I want to find out specifically how to do this.

My viewpoint is this:

Just like my post about TV below. There is nothing inherently WRONG or EVIL with TV or alcohol. Like most things in this earth - it can be used for good and even used for God's ministry Ecclesiastes 9:7, Psalm 104:14-15, Amos 9:14, Isaiah 55:11 - OR it can be distorted and manipulated by the enemy and his demons. It can be used for a very self destructive and society destructive tool. It can be a way to tear apart churches, break down individuals and families - and be a vehicle for a lot more sins to enter in (a gateway).

So my belief is that it is OK to drink. The Bible makes me believe Jesus 'drank' and hung with those who did... John 2:1-11; Matthew 26:29; Luke 7:34...... I do believe it's OK to have a glass of wine with dinner. It's OK to have a beer while celebrating the New Year. BUT there are two big IF's.

a) IF you don't get drunk Pr 23:21 - Eph 5:18 Getting DRUNK is clearly something that the pagans chose to have in their lives -- and since our society is running toward that direction of the pagan lifestyle --- that shows me I need to run the opposite way.... Nothing should have control over our bodies - except us. 1 Peter 4:3

and b) IF there is NOBODY around that would be offended or anybody that has fallen into sin through alcohol that could be tempted I Corinthians 8:9-13

Drunkenness and addiction are sins.

So I won't drink even a drop anymore in front of anybody that has had problems with drugs or alcohol or even just having a little too much to drink. I won't even have a taste of something or provide it at my parties if I know there will be somebody there that will be tempted and doesn't have control or will abuse it.

I think I can count on my hand the number of times I've seen my parents drink - I didn't see them drink until I turned 18! So alcohol isn't a huge part of my side of the family at all - I really won't miss it and I don't even care for most of it.

I just don't understand why some people don't ever learn from their own mistakes or the mistakes of their grown KIDS or the mistake of their siblings or spouse or PARENT! I know they don't believe alcohol in itself is bad --- they believe it was the person that was drinking it that didn't have control --- but no matter whose 'fault' it is -- why play with fire!??! Even if it's just a glass a night. Just get it out of the house and it's one less thing to worry about! At least it won't be on your heart if somebody falls to sin because of something YOU have directly provided or taught. Sin always comes in ONE little step at a time. It's never the HUGE things that kills us - it's the small things we let slip without even thinking about it. Like the frog that gets boiled in the pan! You remember that right!?

I just pray I can do this all in a way that won't seem like I'm trying to separate myself from ones I love. I pray that people won't look at me in contempt and want to say, "take off your robe (judge)". I pray that it won't seem like I think I'm so much 'better' than anybody. and I pray that even though I know my light will offend the sin in others --- I pray that people can look at me and see Jesus. I believe He offended the sin in others but never offended the person. He is love and was love while He was on earth. I want to be accepting and forgiving of others always.
So just like my post below --- I have to make sure I understand and help those around me understand that my actions are NOT what makes me a christian. What makes me a christian is that I accepted Jesus into my heart and believe He died and rose for ME. It is simply my duty AS a christian to raise the bar (no pun intended) for my life and truly follow what the word of God is teaching me.
It's my duty to show that the only true FUN and JOY and PARTYING comes from God! So let's have FUN fellow christians! Let's show that He is the one that can fill your heart so that one little drop of Him will be enough to satisfy. Let's be light hearted and smily and friendly and accepting and loving and FUN!!! Enjoy all the beauty and fun He has given us!!! When non-christians see how much fun we have, see how much we love each other and see the joy and peace we have... THAT is when hearts are changed!!

So I think that's all I have to say about that for now.

So here is what I'm thinking ----- a good rule of thumb for my life: *** Observe the masses - do the opposite! ***


Susan said...

I agree with everything you said, Randi. I personally don't drink, and neither does my husband. I don't find it any more difficult to say "No thank you, I don't drink" than I would find it difficult to turn down a cigarette, if it were offered to me.

Candy said...

Wow, I find this a sensitive (not sure if thats the right word) topic. You are brave to address it :) I was chicken.
My view on alcohol and Christians drinking: I think Im wondering what the answer is.

First I want to tell you the way you addressed this topic was perfect, non offensive and just perfect. Thank you for that :)

This is my feeling:
First, I grew up as a ministers daughter. I have never seen my parents drink, ever, not a sip. But neither did any of their friends in Church. When I asked them about it, I guess when I was a teenager, my Dad explained this to me:

- most people dont realize that the "wine" in Bible times was not "wine" as we know wine today. It was not alcoholic. It wasnt made with bacteria in it, to turn it into an alcoholic beverage. They just called it wine but really it was plain old grape juice. My Dad said that Jesus would never put anything unpure into His body.

- My Dad also said though, that he feels that he is not sure (because only God has all the answers for us about this and other stuff) and that he thinks maybe if people drank it in private, maybe then its ok?
BEcause, he said, in the Bible it says (Romans 14 I believe) not to do anything that could cause another Christian to sin.
So our drinking, even a little, might hurt or make others question things of the Bible and make them stumble in their Christian walk.
To give you an example, it would deeply hurt me to see my parents drink, even a sip. Why? Am I being silly? Im not sure, but imagine where I came from. Always NOT seeing it, always believeing what my Dad told me. Maybe it would hurt because its my parents and it would feel like they are hypocrites to me because they always preached against it sorta speak. Not sure, but it would bother me though. However, Im not as bothered by people I dont really know that decide to drink.

Its important that I say this: whether we drink or not, we have to be non judgemental to those who do different than us. Because who am I to judge anyone who feels alcohol is ok for them. I can not judge that person. So I dont judge you or anyone.
I am not offended if you drink, at all.

These issues are between ourselves and God. I also think that maybe it is ok to drink?? I dont know the answer. I just chose not to.

I touched on the fact that my Dad said we shouldnt do anything that could cause another Christian to stumble. The same would apply to anything not just alcohol, for instance if we show off big houses, fine jewerly, brag and are flashy, other Christians might feel they have to keep up with us (keep up with the jones) and they end up going in debt etc.
Just like drinking, maybe some Christians will think its ok, then end up getting drunk, becomeing an angry drunk, sin etc etc.
BUT, at the same time, that cant be on our hands can it. (dont mind me, I think Im going back and forth on this issue trying to figure out for myself the answer here).
Sorry so long.
I agree with your post though just not sure if alcohol is right for me to partake in. I really dont know. I chose not to though.

I hope nobody judges me for my feelings on this.

Alcohol can be addictive just as food is. What does that say about us if we are overweight. Ouch!!! I am 20-30 lbs overweight. :/
Im ashamed about that. Maybe it means Im a gluten, not sure.

All I know is, like you, I hope people see the light of Jesus from me. I am trying my best. I dont have all the answers. But my goal is to try to live more like I should, each day.

Thanks for the inetresting post and letting me babble on.


Randi & Family said...

Thanks both of you for your comments. I love that I have christian online freinds that I can bounce ideas off of. If anything - I think as long as God is first in our lives then everything else will work itself out. He will allow the Spirit to lead us to the way we need to go.

Your fact about the wine Jesus drank not being alcohol is very interesting. I don't know what to think ...because Luke says: 7:33 For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, 'He has a demon.' 34The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and "sinners."

and to further explain John the Baptist it says Luke 1:14 He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth, 15 for he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth

and from what I understand this verse about John the Baptist is insinuating alcoholic drink so the first verses seems to me to be talking about alcohol too.... so to me that infers that Jesus definitely hung out with people who drank alcohol - and even had some himself.

But what your dad says definitely makes sense --- I don't believe Jesus would put anything into His body that was not pure -- but is alcohol unpure?

I wish I could read the original text...

but basically my point is -- God comes first - He'll help you out with the rest and above all Love HIM first and LOVE OTHERS second -- just like you said - never being judgemental of what others do since we ALL sin! :)


Jacqueline said...

Hey girl. Thanks for checking out my blog and for pointing out to me that we have so much in common! I'm the dolphin loving Yankee fan! I'm going to add you to my blog links. Is that ok? Just wanted to point out,though, that even though we have a lot in common, I am 20 yrs older than you are! ;-P

Love this post on alcohol. I do not drink and neither does my dh of 17yrs. [meaning married for 17yrs not that he is 17yrs old... LOL]. I come from an alcoholic background: father, maternal grandfather, dysfunction galore. Thank GOD for His grace and mercy!!!

Candy said...

Hi Randi,
Yeah I know what you mean about some of the scriptures making us think it could be alcoholic. I am really not sure either. And who really knows if my Dad is right about everything LOL. But for some reason I still chose not to drink, cant explain it. Oh well :)
Love this post though. All your post are so interesting and thought provoking!
Love it and love YOU!!!!!

Candy said...

Thanks for adding me to your fav blogs :) I am adding you too (soon as Susie is done making my blog!!)

pearlie said...

I want to step on people's toes without scuffing up their shoes. I want their sin to feel a bit challenged in my presence -- but not their character or themselves personally.

I like how you put it here, which is a stand of who we are and who God is.