Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He's Here

Pastor Kelly had another incredible sermon on Sunday - he really is such a wise preacher and I see a lot of potential in this church.

What he preached was Truth and I love that he preaches the Truth whether he thinks people want it to hear it or not. LET US step on toes - but do it in a way that doesn't mark up the person's shoes. The Truth and the Light in us as christians should offend the SIN in others --- it should offend the sin in ourselves too. We should never offend the PERSON but we should offend the sin!

The Truth is an incredible thing. When you hear Truth, you know it's Truth. Truth was created one time by the One and Only God and can't be changed ever and can't be recreated or adjusted to what we WANT it to be(as much as these liberal "moral relativism" followers will ever try to coherce you otherwise). I love that about God. His laws are so unchanging and the difference between truth & un truth is black and white -- no grey!

So my point is --- I heard this and I knew it was the Truth. When I hear the truth - I feel like I've always known it. I feel like I've been taught that truth a million times sometime, somewhere but I just forgot it!

And the part that struck me the most from the sermon was, "God doesn't pull away when you sin. He's there. You are the one that pulls away." WOW.... I think I might have forgotten that somewhere. The guilt you feel (which is NOT from God if you've repented) makes you feel you have done something to deserve to be left alone, left behind, set aside. but it's not true -- He doesn't leave! and guess what - none of us deserve Him - but He's there! God sent His son Jesus to rescue each of us sinners that would never be able to connect to God without Him because of our ugliness. Jesus finished His flesh ministry and God brought Him back home, but He did not leave us alone! Jesus the flesh could not be with ALL of us --- so He sent the Spirit - which IS Jesus, which IS God to reside in ALL! The Spirit is not some watered-down, less powerful copy of God or Jesus - it IS JESUS! The Spirit IS God! He is here! He is with all of us who believe! That is incredible! :) It's not impossible - it's the TRUTH and it's REAL!

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Susan said...

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." Hebrews 13:8 and "He is the truth".