Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Resurrection Week

As I keep reading and talking to others - we who love the Lord all feel the same this week. Heartbroken yet put back together. Depressed yet full of joy and hope. Unworthy yet Forgiven. This week always is a week full of emotion for me.

Sometimes I just find it hard to believe that Jesus would go through the worst torture, pain, condemnation and loneliness for me. I am not worthy of any gift He gives--- but I accept them. I don't want His sacrifice to be in vain and I would never want to turn away a gift He freely gives yet the voice of the devil loves to tell me that I shouldn't accept the gift since I am not worthy. But the devil cannot separate me from the Lord, once I made that commitment for the Spirit to live in me, the devil no longer had a grip on me. I KNOW I'm not worthy by myself - but with Him I am.

Along with accepting the Gift, I also accept the blame for all Jesus had to endure. I believe that one of the biggest vice (is that the word) the devil TRIES to have on me is guilt - guilt of my past, guilt on my daily actions, guilt to keep me down from having confidence to help others. But I also believe that some guilt is a great thing. Guilt is what makes me want to do everything I can to become more like Jesus daily - I don't ever want to be as far away from Him as I once was - the guilt I felt was too much to bear. I feel guilt because I'm such a compassionate person. Like all things --- God can use anything for good - even guilt. The devil is the one that tries to abuse and manipulate everything! Guilt & compassion is what 'gets me' at the crucifixion scene. I know that Jesus had to go through what He did - but watching it each year doesn't ease the compassion and guilt I feel that I am to blame for what I'm watching.

But I HAVE to believe. He is offering me, each of us, the gift of eternal life, eternal acceptance and eternal love - but the only stipulation is we have to believe.

I believe! I believe He died on the cross and on the 3rd day He ROSE!

He is the only thing that makes me worthy of His sacrifice - and THANK GOD He died and rose again!!!!!!!!!

It's a time of CELEBRATION - He DID rise and death no longer has a sting on Him or any of us who believe!!

My only question is now - WHEN and HOW did the focus turn from the Lord this Easter week? I want to know when Easter bunnies, eggs and candies became more important than the Lamb, His teachings His death and resurrection? Are Easter Egg Hunts now more important than life for eternity? Where have we gone wrong? HOW and WHEN did this happen!?!


pearlie said...

My sis-in-law just asked me the same question on easter eggs. She wanted to know what to tell the kids when she teaches Sunday School. I do not know the history of it but I told her that the eggs signify new birth, life and hope that is only found in Christ. We do not practice Easter bunnies or chocolates here. We just give out eggs to remind one another of the new life in Christ, though I think the message is lost as well because there is not enough reminding.

This Holy Week, I am trying to do a meditation on Isaiah 53. It is so amazing what God has done.

Candy said...

I know what you mean... everywhere you look, easter bunnies..
Its the same at Christmas time too, santa claus and all that.
I dont know how it started but it is sad.
Good post!

Susan said...

Randi, I share the same feelings you've stated: My worse fear (no not fear because that is of satan) my worst concern is not living up to the full potential that the great sacrifice HE made purchased for me. I don't want one blow, or 1 spit, or one slap, or one mocking to have been in vain on my part in not allowing HIM to make me all HE intends for me to be.