Monday, August 20, 2007

Lessons from a fly

Well --- my mind really does work in mysterious ways haha.

Today there were 2 flies trapped in my house (maybe attracted to my roses? I don't know).

Anyway - they have been driving us crazy since last night and as I was making some sweet tea (yes I'm a regular 'ol southern mama now) at the sink - I just watched him on my "dream" sign gazing out the window.

In my head I had these thoughts:

"Wow, I really want him out of this house. And I bet that he really wants out of here too. Wow, I never really thought of it from the fly's perspective. But he's just so ANNOYING. He won't even just stop for a second and realize that I'm opening the door for him - he can leave. He's too busy going CRAZY probably all hysteric because he's trapped. I wonder if he wants to be like that. I don't think he's willing (or in his case able) to change.

I figure the only 2 ways I can get him out are

  1. to kill him and he might not like that or

  2. somehow change the way he acts

woah --- I had a deep moment then. I bet that is what God is thinking of us humans sometimes. Sometimes I'm shouting, God I want out of here. I need help, I want to be closer to you, I want to be absolutely FREE from this xyz (addiction, pain, guilt, low self esteem, unhappiness, depression, lack of hope) ----- but I'm not really willing to change. I want you to just magically set me free.

It doesn't work like that. God wants us to be FREE and absolutely victorious and prosperous in our life - but to get closer to Him to be free of what we are chained to, we need to surrender. We need to surrender our habits, surrender our attitudes, our way of live. We need to change. He will give us the strength and discipline we need to have -- but have we asked for it? Do we REALLY want to change, do we REALLY want drastic changes in our live.

If only that fly knew I could REALLY REALLY help him if he would just give a little. It would have saved him from being smashed shoofly on my fly swatter.

Well I hear you God --- and I love it that you love me enough to teach me through flies.

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