Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What we allow into our lives

I've always been a long term thinker. Sometimes others try to convince me I am TOO much of a thinker. Somehow I was always able to think about my actions and see how they might affect me long term. Something that the male gender seems to not learn as easily and effectively as females.

This thinking of my actions is one of my blessings/cursings. I am extremely sensitive to guilt. It's a battle I fight. Guilt is a great thing because the guilt I might feel keeps me from sinning ---- but that isn't a good reason not to sin. The guilt I'm always aware of is a bad thing also though, because it never allows me to live to my full potential. The devil places guilt on me so hard sometimes that I have a hard time seeing myself through God's eyes. I sometimes have a hard time forgiving myself and getting over my mistakes. God doesn't want us to be laden with guilt - He wants us to learn from our mistakes and then MOVE ON. He loves us unconditionally and He always accepts and approves of us. He wants us to get better but He loves us RIGHT NOW.

So anyway... I just typed that to lead into what is on my mind right now after reading posts from Candy: http://athomewithcandy.blogspot.com/2007/09/all-i-have-to-say-is-amen.html and Connie's son: http://fullypersuadedbaptist.blogspot.com/2007/09/our-entertainment-cultivating-of.html

I do feel some guilt over some things I have let slide in my life. I can blame it on the people I 'have' to be around (family), I can blame it on circumstances... but really we are all in control of what entertainment we partake in or not. We can remove ourselves from 90% of the sin that we see on a daily basis.

There are some areas I have let slide in my life... and some areas I have let other people convince me to lower my standards. A lot of those areas have to do with entertainment. More than ever, I am working on myself. Being a parent has helped me become a better me. I think of everything I do from a different perspective now. Before Raymond, I had to be able to explain my actions to myself, my husband and my God. Before that, I had to be able to explain my actions to my parents and to God. I never REALLY had to explain my actions... but in my mind I felt like I had to. But NOW I have a whole new set of eyes looking at me. I think about my actions and think, "would I want Raymond to do this same thing I am doing?".

And sadly enough, a lot of the time I say that no.... what I'm doing right now.... I wouldn't really want Raymond to watch this, or do this or have this.

BUT WHY IS THAT!? Why are some things okay for adults but not children? This relates a lot to my inhibition post.
http://therooksfamily.blogspot.com/2007/08/uninhibited.html the answer is that if it's not okay for children.. it probably shouldn't be okay for adults!!!

The reason we lose all our precious purity and inhibition is not because it goes away at a certain age --- it's because of what we allow into our lives at a certain age!!!

What makes us an adult? Does becoming an adult mean that we can now watch cussing on TV, watch violent movies, and be surrounded by others that get drunk? Why does age make a difference? and if adults can do these things..... why can't our children!?

That will be the next step society will take. Somehow the devil has convinced us as a society that sin really is okay when you're an adult...and especially it's okay if we're not doing it ourselves... it's somehow okay to watch, because we're just being entertained, we're not taking part in it. But that's wrong. We ARE taking part in it. Anything we allow into our self affects our subconcious. Everything we see and hear and experience becomes a part of our reality, our view of the world.
Before we know it, our society will start using the argument that if children are going to watch (or do) these things when they are adults anyway, why don't we just let kids partake in all these things now? Why wait until a certain age to be allowed to partake in this entertainment?

So WHY DO we keep these things away from our children!? In my eyes, I want to keep Raymond away from things of the world to protect his purity. To plant good seeds in his mind and heart. Don't we want that for ourselves as adults too? At what age do we no longer protect ourselves from purity!? Some people say children shouldn't be allowd to partake or see these 'adult' things because they are still 'impressionable'... but what does that mean!!?!!??!?? We are ALL impressionable. Somebody's view on the world or view on any issue isn't set in stone at age 18. Our views can always be changed!

Parents hope that if they keep their children away from these sins, then when they are adults they will stay away... but why will they stay away if they see their own parents and all other adults, especially ones who claim to be christians doing these acts!??!? Parents shouldn't blame it on TV, blame it on their peers, or other family members.. they should feel and burden all themselves. When children see adults doing these things and that it's allowed... the opinion is then formed, that we can watch sins or even partake in them when you're an adult, just not before! I am so thankful my parents kept me away from drunks, away from violence especially R rated movies and kept me surrounded with as much good clean fun as they could.

Thank you both Candy and Connie (and son) for your posts, very thoughtprovoking.

I really need to take control of what I am watching and be more conscientious of what I allow in to my heart, my soul and my house.

I want to do this so I am the best mom I can be, and the best wife. But the most important reason I need to watch what I am doing, watching and listening to is because I want to please God. I want Him to be proud of me. I want Him to trust me. I want to be used. God can't use me if I am constantly allowing worldly and satanic views into my soul, even if I am just allowing it in for entertainment.

You can not be FOR God but against what He's for. You can not be FOR God unless you are against what He is against!!

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Candy-Faith said...

I am so amazed and inspired by you.
You are always striving to be a better Christian, wife and mom. I love that about you. Its very encouraging and uplifting and inspirational to me.
YOU are an inspiration to me.