Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bible reading

For the first time ever... I have been reading the whole Bible from start to finish this year, 2007. I am behind. Real behind on my goal. But that's okay. I am in Psalms still but actually it's not a rush. It was just a goal for me to make sure I read the Bible more than any other book I read. I'm going to be reading a LOT in these last 2 months of the year to at least try to finish my goal. I won't rush, because I know it's all about quality not quantity. But I will be very proud when I can say I've read the whole Bible through in a year.

My grandma read the Bible cover to cover every year for LOTS of years... over 60 years is my guess, and did daily devotionals on top of that. I can't even get into how much else she did in her life and daily habits. She appreciated so much the brain and talents God gave her and used them well.

Every other year before this one, I had just skipped around... but I've gotten a LOT out of reading through the old testament page by page not just verses here and there. I have loved the stories and reconnecting to the Old Testament. They mean so much more to me as I'm older. I see so much deeper into the stories I was told as a child. There is so much to be revealed about God from the Old Testament, I used to feel like I didn't understand that God. I liked the new testament with stories of Jesus. But that was when I was a baby christian. To truly appreciate and understand just how much Jesus did.. you have to understand what the law was like before He came. The old testament shows God's power, his warrior spirit, his justice, his disappointment in sin... yet his forgiveness is shown in the old testament too. I can't really pick a favorite book... I've loved it all.

For anybody that reads my ramblings... Has anybody read the Bible cover to cover? Or do you do devotionals? When is your Bible time during the day? Do you read it more than any other book that you read? Does your Bible get dusty during the week? Does your church give the highest priority to His Word and preach directly from it?

Do you take notes while you read? I used to think it was sooo 'wrong' or just like really bad to write in my Bible but not anymore! We have a family Bible that we don't write in. But this most recent Bible I bought, in 2002, I write in, underline, make notes, jot down ideas. I like to be totally interactive with the Bible, not a passive reader. Although I have to admit, when it's been a long day, I just sit and read the Psalms so I can just pour my heart to God and "just be" as I like to say. I have a Bible Study folder on my computer that I then transfer those notes and ideas to from the Bible to have all in one place what I got from the Bible. I hope to continue doing this and be able to see what different lessons I learned over the years... and how from the same text, I could find new meanings and lessons.

I love the Bible more and more as I get older. It's truly a map for living. It's the way He communicates to me.. It's the way He teaches me about Him, and I believe it's also how I find out all about ME. The more I know Him, the more I know me.

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Candy-Faith said...

Hi Randi!! :) How are ya. Thanks for the comment. I just got it as I was posting two new posts (more kitchen pictures) Ive been sick lately and especially today :(

I got the 3 columns by going to:
Then, on their (right) sidebar, go down to where it says "Templates" and click on the type of template you use. For me, I had to click on the "3 column MINIMA template" because minima is th template I use. By clicking on that, it will tell you how to GET the extra column. Thats how I did it.
And yes, once you have added that extra column, you should be able to drag whatever you want to that new side. :) Hope that helps :) That website also has lots of other neat stuff.

Yes, I have the read the Bible cover to cover. Rob and I did it together a couple years ago. I feel a bit ashamed to say that I havent done it cover to cover again. Although, I have read alot of it over and over again. Because I try to read the Bible every single day. I need it. Some days I forget or make an excuse but I really do try to every day. Yes I read devotionals sometimes too. And yes I take notes...actually I usually highlite with my pink highliter :) I do that in my main Bible that I use every day. My other Bibles I dont mark up/highlite. But this particular one, I bought it just so that I could really study it and highlite it..
No my Bible doesnt get dusty and yes I do read it WAY more then any other book. I usually read my Bible in the mornings, sometimes even when I work out on my treadmill believe it or not. But I havent worked out in a while (haha :) so Ive just been reading my Bible, my preferred way, in my chair, in the morning.
Yes my church gives the highest priority to His Word and preach directly from it.
I too, find that I LOVE the bible more and more as I get older. (I'll be 33 next month...how old are you Randi?)
I always read my bible and then pray. Sometimes I will use my "prayer request book" (so I can remember what to pray for) :) and sometimes I will just pray about whatever is on my heart and just talk to God :) Sometimes I just sit in my chair holding my Bible and pray and other times I feel led to kneel down at my chair and pray. Sometimes I need tissues because I might be crying and praying :)

Anyway, this was a great post. Thanks for sharing.

Love Candy