Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why is it so wrong to disagree?

I don't understand so many things about our society.

Why is it wrong to have different opinions from each other? Why is it so wrong to disagree and stick up for your beliefs? And be passionate about them!? And why does it have to be so offensive when we do stick up and disagree with somebody?

Did you know it IS possible to "get along" yet disagree!? It really is! I mean, who wrote the book that said we all have to have the exact same viewpoints? And that viewpoint (according to the left) is whatever the majority thinks at the time. Don't people realize that it's impossible to please everybody all the time? I learned that in 2nd grade from my dad when my siblings and I couldn't agree on something and he had to make a veto decision.

Don't people realize that if we ALL thought exactly the same things all the time.... there would be no need for any of us, except for one person. We were all created with our own experiences our own talents our own brains our own passions.... and we were created that way for a reason. We are DIFFERENT (GASP! from the liberal mainstream). YES we are DIFFERENT from each other!?? We WERE CREATED DIFFERENTLY! Can you believe it!? You might be able to physically clone somebody -- but we have souls that are UNcloneable!!

I guess liberals (I will call them 'liberals' throughout the rest of my journal.... but interchange that for whatever you want, seculars, moral relativists, clintons, socialists) hate to have differing opinions from the church of liberalism they have created... because then they would have to admit there is a Creator! They would have to admit that there IS a right and wrong... and that it has NOTHING to do with what the MAJORITY BELIEVES! For example: The Truth is is that it is NEVER okay to kill babies just because you can't SEE them! Killing babies will not solve the problem - there are much deeper routed issues obviously! Why has it become okay because the majority ignores these murders?

Liberals believe that life is supposed to be easy and should be centered on our own relative happiness, but I dont' agree! The Truth says otherwise -- and life around us proves it! Some people out there are soo bogged down in not offending anybody -- that they are offending God and all He stands for!!!!!

Wake up people and get some guts. There is one univeral Truth out there written in the word of God -- and it needs to be spoken. When we are challenged we can't back down. Jesus was not a people pleaser and was not afraid to disagree with the majority! He spoke the Truth always right up to His suffering and torture and death! What's the worst that can happen to us?

Speak the Truth in a loving, forgiving way. If you are seen as offensive because you are not agreeing with everybody else --- that's okay! because you will know that YOU were not offensive -- your WORDS were offensive - and you should have NO apology for that!

Speak the Truth in the positive. Tell people what they CAN have -- don't threaten them with what will happen if they don't listen to the Word.

We need to let the Truth be heard --- I believe that when a person hears the Truth enough - they can not deny it. Our souls can always recognize the Truth when heard enough.

I will speak the Truth today - no matter how much it MIGHT make me sweat, no matter what people say about me or to me.

Liberals don't have guts -- they are taught to be people pleasers -- so they can't hurt you! If you speak the Truth, they might talk about you behind your back. Do you care? The worst case scenario is that they will get fired up about their Lies even more... and they MIGHT buy a bumper sticker to stick on their car to do their talking for them! And ya know what? That's okay --- in fact it's great. I love the freedom of speech, I will just choose to ignore those stickers.

I am SO thankful that God loves us enough to have given us free will. He doesn't make us do anything. We have to choose to. And in this wonderful country we have the freedom to choose what religion we want. We have the freedom OF religion. NOT the freedom FROM religion. So that protects me. I can speak the Truth when I want to, to whomever I choose. I choose My Christ and what He stands for.

If we don't stick up for christianity - we ARE sticking up for the other side!!!! If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.


Candy-Faith said...

"If you dont stick up for Christianity- we are sticking up for the other side"
I couldnt agree more!
AWESOME post Randi!

I, for one, am not afraid of standing up for Christianity and my values and beliefs. Yes, I agree we all have to be careful on how we push our point across. Ive made the mistake a couples times :) of not wording things the right way. Im working on it though :D In the meantime, I will always stand up for what I believe in. Because Im just sick and tired of North America (Canada & The States) getting beat up for standing up against same sex marriage, abortion, liberal garbage etc. I for one have had enough of it. I think Christians especially cant be afraid to voice their opinion. Its TIME we took a stand and said were NOT ok with gays getting married in our churches!!! And everything else we dont agree with. We cant sit by and do nothing. Weve been doing that far too long and look where thats got us. If we dont speak up, I honestly cant even imagine what will be going on and acceptable in five years. One time we never thought people would be FOR abortion. And then FOR gay "marriage" never mind gay marriage IN the Church. Whats next..... men be allowed to have 12wives? Swinging (or orgys) be commonly accepted, porn magazines being sold in every store,prostituing on airplanes? Like seriously nothing will surprise me anymore and thats SAD, boys & girls sharing the SAME bathroom in schools (oh yeah, I forgot..thats already happening!!).

Bravo for you for speaking your heart.


Sandi said...

Randi, it is a good thing to proudly speak up for what you believe in. The hard part is allowing thoses you TOTALLY disagree with to do the same without judging them too harshly. I am opposed to gay marriage and it is not allowed in my church, but I have gay friends who are fantastic people, it is not my place to tell them they are wrong. I do not back down on the fact that I think it is a wrong lifestyle, but I don't have a right to impose that belief on them. I am opposed to abortion, but when a mother's life is in danger, as was mine once, there is a reason to have to make a choice. Sometimes we have to make hard choices, sometimes things are not simply black and white, sometimes we have to call upon our God for direction when things are not as clear as they should be. So, while you, in my opinion, are correct on every point, I just want to say that others have the same right to speak out strongly about things we disagree with and not be judged to harshly for their "ignorance."

Good post. Made me think.

Randi :) said...

Thanks to the both of you! I am going to write a response as a new blog.. but yes Sandi and Candy both I really do agree with you both. Read new post :)