Monday, January 21, 2008

Giving to God first

I have been getting "nudged" for a while to really and truly give to God first in ALL areas of my life. One example of doing this, is finances. We believe what the Bible is absolutely true, that it's necessary to tithe the first 10% of our income. We believe that God has blessed us since we made this a priority when we got married. We've done it both ways - and it's amazing how He always provides, when we give to Him first. It's all His anyway - I'm thankful He lets us keep 90%!

But there is an area I have needed to work on -- and that is giving God the first part of my day. I can honestly say I have felt nudged on this for...years. I don't know why my heart and mind were't really open to this. I guess it's just because I have been blessed with so much time recently compared to what life was like pre-Raymond - that I figured my daily reading during Raymond's nap and prayer at nighttime was a good routine for me - much better than I did pre-Raymond....but I realized, it's not enough. It's not a good or right decision to not give Him the first part of my day. I have been doing good with my reading and tuning into Him and asking for guidance throughout the day from the Spirit ---- but good isn't good enough!!!!

SOOO after reading Candy's new blog --- and hearing the pastor plant more seeds on this on Sunday and then getting this next little picture from my mom...I realized, it's time. When I wake up - I'm pretty sure God is the first thing on my mind....but it's just not good enough for me to wake up and say.. "God thank you for today, please make be a blessing to somebody".

SOOOOO starting tomorrow - I will no longer wake up to "DADADA MAMAMA" from Raymond's room..I will wake up to the alarm (gross) and get up at least :15 before Raymond does to give the first of my day to God. :15 I think is a great start so I won't fall back on this goal. I will continue my routine of Bible reading and prayer during nap and at night -- but I think this will be a crucial and wonderful decision to help me give to God first in ALL areas of my life!

I thought this was cute --- it is wonderful that each and every day is a fresh start!
God, I am finally listening to you regarding this issue... I'm sorry it took me so long to make this decision. What a bonehead. The only way You could have made it any more obvious to me was to have me wake up with it written on my forehead. I am sorry

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Candy-Faith said...

Bonehead LoL

I know..I didnt always spend time with God FIRST thing everyday..usually it was everyday but whenever I could find the time...ouch..that sounds so bad to say :( I want to commit to first thing. I just feel like what better way to start your day...then with God. I love it :)
God is so good!!!