Monday, March 31, 2008

Ephesians 1:1-5

I couldn't decide which book to start with on this new venture since I have a million things I want to write down and explore I decided to start with the bestseller of all time. The roadmap. The Bible!! yay! :) Pastor challenged us this week to read a chapter from Ephesians each day to prepare us for our Easter drama on Sunday.

Ephesians 1

The first thing that stands out at me from this chapter is how Paul's introduction reads.... To the saints in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus. I believe it to be true that anybody who believes in Jesus, who asked Jesus to come into their heart and be their savior, is a saint. I don't agree with the Roman catholic church that a saint acts a certain way, does certain things, is ordained....I believe every Christian is ordained a "saint" because of the righteousness that Jesus brings to us when we welcomed Him in. This introduction makes so much sense to me because of this belief.

Verse 3 - He has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ? woah...I have a hard time grasping this. I need clarity on this. I obviously underestimate the power and strength I have because of Christ. Tell me more about this God. You have blessed me with every spiritual blessing, in the heavenly realms, in Christ? Does this mean wisdom, grace, hope or does it mean teh fruits of the Spirit?...I need more on this....

Verses 4 & 5- Yes I believe He has chosen us (the saints, the Christ followers), but I don't agree with the calvinist view. Calvinism says God chooses who He will save and these predestined have neither the opportunity nor desire to turn away....but I don't agree with that. I believe He has given us free will and when it says He chose I believe it means sort of, He "elected" the ones that He knew would have chosen Christ anyway. We're chosen because He knew we would be the ones to follow Christ. I believe this view is called Arminianism. I don't get how these two things could exist -- free will but also Him choosing.....but that's just one of those God-mysteries. I believe those 2 things can exist and do exist in His dimension even if I can't get my mind to wrap around that. I'm a firm believer in true and real -- free will. God is freedom and I believe He knew that unforced love and adoration from us was worth the risk of some not choosing Him. Do you know what I mean? Unforced love is so sweet and precious and powerful that He would rather have some of us give unforced love and some not...versus having all give forced love. I hope I am writing that clear enough...

That's all for now - time to go to work.

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Robin said...

Ephesians is a great book!