Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Jesus Christ was a long term thinker. He lived with His eyes and heart on the goal --- the purpose He came for. He was able to focus on God's ultimate bigger picture when His senses and flesh were shouting at Him to focus only on the here and now.

2008 years ago Jesus went through the worst humiliation, persecution, all-consuming torture, loneliness and rejection through His crucifixion. He knew that 1983 years later, there would be a girl born named Randi Jo who was going to be a sinner and that would be condemned to eternal death and eternal separation from God for her sin if He didn't take the BLAME and take responsibility for Her sin, if He didn't fulfill His purpose!! Sometimes I can't even grasp that. He took the punishment yes... but He also took the blame! He didn't say - it's her fault but I'll take the punishment. No! He said - it's MY fault. It's all MY fault. Everything she did, every failure she has had, every sin she will commit - put the blame on me and all the punishment and just completely free her from every association with her sin.

As heartbreaking as it is to know what my sin caused you Jesus - I allow you to take the blame and shame for my failures! That torture was meant for me..that separation from God was supposed to happen to me....But thank you Jesus for stepping in my place!!

Jesus, take away all the sin from my heart, and all the blame and shame for my failures! - redefine me! Help me live a renewed beautiful life to give glory to God and to be honoring to your sacrifice!!! I want to allow God's light to shine through me - and I know to do that there must not be any room for blame or shame of my failures - so thank you for taking those out! Words can not express my gratitude to you Jesus.

Today I praise you for everything you are and your perfect plan. God, thank you for sending me my Savior so that I could know you. Please help me understand daily what He did for me. Show me how to abundantly LIVE! Help me truly have long term thinking like my Redeemer!!! Help me live a life that is honoroing to the price that was paid for me!!! Help me live a life focused on YOU God so that no part of Jesus' sacrifice will be in vain.
Praise God!!!!

For can read a wonderful entry at Pearlie's - I agree with you wholeheartedly Pearlie and thank you for writing what you did.

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