Thursday, March 20, 2008


Jesus was so obedient to God. As with everything righteous and good - He was the perfect example for us. No matter what His flesh was saying or how much He hated the suffering and persecution and hatred and pain He was going to have to endure - He still was obedient. I want to be obedient to God too. I trust that He knows best so I want to do whatever He wants me to --- but I'm not perfect and I don't trust in myself that I will always be obedient and not mess up His plans for me. I wish there was always a clear cut path that had a sign above it that read "obedience to God this way" or a clear sign from Him written in the sky saying, "Randi this is God here and I am telling you to _____". Or maybe just a very easily followed path - like this tunnel at McDonald's Raymond and I played at today....

But that isn't the way it is on earth. We have the Bible as our guide...helping us become more christlike and more wise, more able to discern the Spirit's nudges....but it isn't always extremely clear to me. Following the "right" path takes work (and this is nothing about morality or righteousness....when I say "right" I mean being obedient to God - pursuing Him - getting to know Him - drawing closer to Him). But Jesus is always there to fill us with joy and peace and love and rejuvenate our spiritual energy to continue to pursue God and draw closer to Him... and I appreciate Him so much more each day - for being that bridge to God for me. God is not what tires me's just living this earthly life and pursuing Him at the same time. He makes me rest (Psalm 23)... but it's like my soul, who I really am, is craving something so much more than what my flesh is surrounded with and it's draining to be designed for something so greater than what your senses see.
This is all coming out because once again - my Bible reading has slacked off and my 'quiet time' is not where it needs to be. So today I am just going to take a rest during Raymond's nap - and ask Jesus to rejuvenate my energy and help me increase my discipline!

What is so wonderful about our Savior is that even when I'm not obedient - He loves me so much that He helps me get back on track. When my disobedience becomes apparent, I ask for forgiveness and ask for help in never making that mistake again (I repent) - and He makes things right for me. Romans 8:28. His plans are so 'flexible' - that word doesn't even do it justice. His plans are not so definitive - that if you don't choose ___ then that ruins His entire plan for your life. Our detours in no way limit God's ability to bless us and put us back on track!!! Because of Christ - there is no detour we could take that would put us out of God's reach. Yes we make things harder on ourselves with detours and we do miss out on some blessings or make some blessings get delayed but it's okay! We can trust that He will bless us and that He is a good God and wants good for us!! :) So true "success" is being able to keep my focus on Jesus while going from speed bump to speed bump.....from detour to detour. When I'm on a detour, I pray that I will have the strength to absolutely avoid any doubtful thoughts satan puts in my path. and when I'm on the right path - I pray that satan will never allow me to get so puffed up in myself that I think the right path I'm on is of my own doing. The most important step is to keep my focus on Jesus, to allow Him to be the driver.
And when the path isn't clear, when I'm at a fork in the road (which happens every hour - because life is all about the small decisions and daily habits) job is the same. To turn my focus on Him, ask for some sort of guidance and then just to do SOMETHING. I have to just make a decision and then pray for God to make that decision right!!! It's not so much that we always make right decisions - but that we always turn back to God and ask Him to make the decisions we made..right! Romans 8:28

Here's to another fresh start of being obedient to God in my daily journey! :)