Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Praise Report

Thank God so much for all of you, for your friendship, encouragement and prayers!!! God is so GREAT!

The past few days, He completely turned around one of the most heartbreaking negative experiences of my life! He restored all of us involved.....He took one of the most hurtful situations I've ever been in - and was able to make it be a positive thing. I hate it had to happen - but He used it to better all involved! Romans 8:28!!!

The stress from the situation was consuming - I still am feeling the battle scars from the past few days....I am so physically, emotionally, spiritually just drained right now I can barely keep my eyes open to type this - but I just had to leave this positive word for anybody who did pray for me/us!

He is so faithful to His promises to protect, provide and comfort!!! I can't even put into words the drastic miracle I saw take place this week while visiting my side of the family. He CAN and DOES change anybody and anything!! He is the restorer, the healer, Grace itself, King of King, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Love, Creator of this universe! Thank you God for preparing me for this obstacle for a long time... for being there right in the midst of it (there is nothing too humiliating or too embarassing or too sinful that you will walk away from God! You will stay right there with us!! That is AMAZING to me!) and for not only taking away the negative in the situation, but making it into a positive experience!!!

Praise God!!


Candy-Faith said...

Right on Randi! Glad to hear things are changed for the better!
Yes, God is sooo good. Im rejoicing with you that things are ok now...

Rebekah said...

Praising God with you, friend! He is so good!

carebear said...

I said a quick prayer from the confines of my bed. ;) I'm glad things seem to be turning around. I just tried calling you to see how your trip went. I'm happy you made it back home safely. Call when you get the chance. Toodles!! hugs!