Sunday, April 6, 2008


I can't even begin to exclaim how wonderful our church drama was today. For a "small" church (around 250 people every Sunday) - God is using us so so much! I am just bewildered at all the good work He lets flow through this wonderful part of the Body. The "Easter" drama this morning was literally just undescribable. Written by the worship leader's mom - with original songs written by our worship leader - I was blown away!! I wept and rejoiced and was just exhausted yet rejuvenated after it. Getting there at around 10:15 we didn't even leave until around 2. It didn't feel like we were there that long at all! Raymond stayed in the nursery the whole time and did so well.

The drama was entitled, STAND Live the Life. I can't do this experience any justice in my words - but I want to try to at least describe it and what I felt during/after. It was all inspired by Great Stories of the Faith --- it was the message of the gospel told through the eyes of our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world. It had scenes of Creation, The death & resurrection of Jesus, Nazi Germany, Afghanistan, Communist Russia, Romania and China.

The major theme I kept hearing was all about the Word. The Word became flesh with Jesus and because He arose - The Word is still alive today! He passed His power onto us!! We are called to be The Word!! How incredible!! We are called to spread the Word --- sometimes verbally. With our love, our forgiveness & mercy we give to all, our servitutde to others, our willingness to give away of our blessings. It was an INCREDIBLE call to ACTION! Not all of us are called to GO outside of our most amazing country to live somewhere else......but I believe we are all called to support missions financially and in prayer.

During the scenes of Nazi Germany I just weeped thinking of my PopPop. I know that when PopPop and grandma both went to heaven - God abolutely said to them - well done my good and faithful servants. During those scenes, I kept thinking of stories my PopPop has passed down to us of things he witnessed in the army during the reign of Hitler and World War II. I pray for our country and for America to still bless God so that God can bless America! I want to continue to get the wonderful blessings we have and the freedom He gives to us so we must bless others!!

My PopPop was able to speak with christian Germans whose families were persecuted during the Nazi reign -- and they warned him that all the trouble started because of many reasons that I see starting to happen in our country now. In fact, after I heard one of our potential "leaders" doing a campain trail speech last week I looked up some of Hitler's speeches and was disgusted and shocked at the similiarities. More on this tomorrow......

I am just passionate that we have to keep our country FREE....our economy free so that we can continue to have resources to bless others!! We have to do whatever we can to empower the people and limit the control of the government....we have to continue to protect God's people, the Jews... and we have to keep The Law in our laws! Like it or not --- the politics in our country very much affect the ability for God to use us to bless the world. If we make bad choices as a nation - He'll just move His blessings to others and raise up another nation and use them instead.

The missions/ministries that were represented in the fellowship hall that we got to talk to/learn about were:

I love our Brazil ministry that our church supports. I love that our tithes are going to help a child eat and be clothed and be able to read the Bible. We forget how many people really are affected by our small decisions don't we!? There are people how need our meager pennies!!! Joe Carr spoke at the end of the drama about The Great Commission that we are called to do. And he spoke about the scenes in the film that showed communism and how INCREDIBLY beyond words blessed we are to live in the most wonderful nation created - America! We can't take for granted all the resources and freedom we have available to us!!! Joe spoke about how he believed that God created this nation - with more wealth and the ability to produce wealth ---- so we can spread His gospel. It takes resources to spread the gospel --- and we have more resources available to us than all the great empires combined. And we, as a nation have always given that credit to God and should continue to! He has blessed us! Let us continue to go out into the world and spread the Word and be used!

As soon as the representative from Wycliffe came up and started talking I just really felt a connection with this ministry. I guess because I'm such a WORDS person and I can't imagine what I would do without the Bible! Over 380 million people in our world don't have the power of the Word in their language! There are 22+ languages that have Bible -- no God, no Jesus, no hope. This ministry is determined to get into these people's cultures and communities, learn their languages and have all languages have the Word by year 2025. Incredible! Brandon and I did decide to give financially to them right then when we were talking to them afterward - and I went home and called my mom about what a phenomenal ministry they had - and as soon as I said Wycliffe she was like ohhhh of course, Wycliffe Bible Translators, grandma always donated and supported them monthly..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It almost made me want to cry! It was like God was telling me --- I've passed this specific purpose on to you, Randi. Grandma is in heaven with me - now you must take over where she left off!! I have to get the list of missionaries that grandma donated to - the more blessed we continue to be - the more I will give to those missionaries in her name.

The Wycliffe representative shared from Revelations “After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white and held palm branches in their hands. And they were shouting with a mighty shout, "Salvation comes from our God on the throne and from the Lamb!”—Revelation 7:9-10, NLT ----

He talked about how when Jesus comes back, it says people from EVERY trible and nation and EVERY language will know Him and be praising Him! So they really believe that by having their goal of all langagues having the Bible by 2025 ---- that they are doing their part to be obedient and to speed up our Savior returning. I love to think about that! I can't wait for Jesus to return!!!!!!!!!

So it was just a truly phenomenal day.... I just feel sooo..... I don't even know what I feel...humbled, blessed. I guess what I'm feeling right now is that God IS using me right where I am. My little pennies DO make a difference! The time I spend with Him at His feet every day really DOES make an eternal difference not just in MY life!

During the last years of grandma's life when the disease tried to capture and take hold of her mind -- I did whatever I could to fill her with positive. I'd speak only of heaven and of Jesus to her. I'd tell her how excited she should be -- because very shortly Jesus was going to take her up in His arms and there would be no more pain, there would be complete joy and health and happiness and peace. I remember always always encouraging her -- "grandma, do you realize how much of a difference you've made for so many? To all the ladies you taught in Sunday School to all the thousands maybe even millions you donated to missions all over this world! Grandma when you get to heaven there will be such a long line of people thanking YOU for bringing them Jesus. Me included!" And I know today that all this is true - I KNOW that grandma is being rewarded for her good works and I want to do whatever I can to know Jesus like she knew Him. I want God to use my life like He used her. She didn't travel outside this country --- but in prayer and resources and enouragement she travelled the world!!!!!!!! I am so humbled by her lifework. She just absolutely loved Jesus and loved serving Him. She was so proud of Him but so humble in herself. Had such high standards but always gave so much grace to us (me) when I didn't live up to the standards she had for herself. I am so humbled that God chose her as MY grandma. I look forward to seeing how God uses me --- knowing that however He does and whatever good work He does through me - is a reward for HER also!

I am so willing, God -- do what you want with my life. Continue to stretch me and mold me and show me YOUR will.

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