Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Word protects & guides

I don't even know what subject to start with first. I have so much on my heart, so what I'm going to do is actually for the first time ever --- organize how I will blog my next entries! Yeap! I'm going to do it! So I won't just have 1 incredibly long thesis about everything on my heart - I'm going to organize some thoughts into topics to try to make the entries smaller hehe. Imagine that :) So lots more to come after I get organized....

but for right now, I have to just say....I wanted to post some thoughts on The Word - to play off of Melanie's post of today. Words and The Word are on my heart a LOT. I love words - it's probably my strongest love language - but they are also some of my worst past sins. I love God's Word so much. I love Truth so much. My appreciation of the Bible, The Message, The Word didn't even really mature until the last few years but now I can't imagine my life without it.

All that being said, I slacked in my Bible reading while MomMom was here and it made a difference in our home, my attitude....everything quite frankly. If anybody actually believes that spending quiet time with God & reading His word is not important and doesn't make a difference..... then you need to see Randi when I'm in the Word --- and ugly Randi when I'm not. God DOES make a difference and it's EXTREMELY important to read His word every day and be still with Him every day! Why don't people do these things? Do they not do them because they don't realize the power in it? They don't realize how important it is? Or they really just don't care? I wonder that.....

Even if a person isn't so outwardly in their sin as I am.... even if they are not as susceptible to being affected by their emotions as I am (like my husband who is so even keel always)...if they are sort of faithful and steady as a rock like my husband - it's still EXTREMELY important to let God be the focus daily and take time with Him and to get to know Him. It has long term eternal consequences. It protects others around them. They might have enough faith to be shielded --- but what about those around them. They might be deflecting the attack onto their family members. Read my hubby's blog about this here: -- he's only written 2 entries but it's so powerful to me. He is such a great leader and so full of wisdom and faith. I am so blessed to have him as a leader.

But my point is..... I am proof of how important the Word is. It really is ugly when I'm not tuned into God. I don't know if it's just worse for me because I'm a sanguine so I'm extremely susceptible to reacting to my emotions and extremely susceptible to high ups and low downs. Maybe it seems worse for me because I am an extremely open person, wear my heart on my sleeve and express to my loved ones exactly how I feel all the time.... whatever the reason --- God has proven it true thousands of time in my life - that I need to be in His word and submitting to Him daily. No matter who is visiting, no matter if it's a week of vacation -- in fact - those times are even more of a reason to wake up early and be in His word - so that the people around me will be blessed and not cursed and want to visit again! :)

So anyway -- it was an enjoyable visit with MomMOm - one of my favorites ever. But I disappointed myself many times while MomMom was here and I wasn't honoring to her in many of my actions or words. I have so far to go.....

but God is good and I trust He will lead me!

I'm just going to sort of plant pictures on each post - totally irrelevant to the post itself - from our visit with MomMom - this is the 2nd day she was here. 2 weeks ago. It wasn't the 80 degree temps as it is now - but we went to the beach anyway of course and loved it! :)


Candy-Faith said...

Hey Randi
I was thinking that exact same thing today about how reading the Bible is so important. My heart has been so heavy..and I dont know why! Its like its been heavy, Ive been sad and Ive been feeling down and discouraged and just not myself..almost worrisome. But I dont know why. Nothings going on for me to feel that way. INfact, life is good. So I dont get it.
But I know that the only way for me to get out of this sad state is by prayer and especially by reading my BIble which Ive been pouring myself into alot each day.


melanie said...

awesome post!