Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Conversation with Israel Houghton

The ultimate purpose of worship is getting close to the heart of God. This will enable you to be sensitive enough to hear the cadence of His heart

If the American church - every person who considered themselves a Christian - tithed on their income, we would have enough money to eradicate all the poverty in America. After that there would be a ridiculous surplus to start meeting the needs of the rest of the world. When you see that, you just beg God to wake us up. Let the Church rise to her ultimate purpose, which I believe, is righting the wrongs on the earth. We blame the government; we say, "How come you guys haven't done what you were supposed to have done?" And I'm surprised that the government hasn't looked back at the Church and said, "Why haven't you done what you were called to do in Scripture

-- Israel Houghton from A Conversation with Israel -- The Worshipper Magazine

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Robin said...

Powerful and true!