Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stages of our Spiritual Journey

I found this on a blog through Minnow's blog and wanted to post it here.
Stages of the Spiritual Journey. I think it's pretty incredible. Of course there's no way to put our journey perfectly into a little chart, but I think it's in general, accurate.

I really love that last stage - The Life of Love. It's all about God. Living in obedience to God, wisdom gained from life's struggles, compassionate living for others, detachment from things and stress, life abandoned. What an awesome description. Something to continually strive for.
Pretty powerful huh?
What stage do you feel you're at? How will you get to the next stage? Who do you turn to for advice/mentorship in the spiritual aspect of your life?

Here's Raymond dancing and then helping me vacuum, with one of my spiritual mentors in the background --- cleaning and dancing are both more great ways to blow off steam without sinning and they are great outlets! :)

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