Thursday, September 18, 2008

"A Day Outside"

I read a really cool article on entitled, 7 Special Reasons to Get Up & Get Out -- by Jane Claire Lambert I really encourage any parent to go read it.... here's the link. Please! :) go read it!

We need to get our kids outside!! I think I am so especially passionate about this topic because I love nature so much and am such a visual learner.

I could go on and on about this article - but here's my favorite parts:

In days gone by, students routinely went on nature walks at all times of the year. They learned about the animals, trees, insects, stars, rocks, weather and they learned about them in great detail through daily observation, daily lessons & daily application. What happened? Nature has NOT grown less amazing.

....The Creator has been removed from the traditional classroom. With His departure, much of the wonder and amazement with which teachers eagerly tied Him has been removed as well....

...We need to break away from the air-conditioning, televisions, video games, soccer games, and re-introduce our kids to the great outdoors! Wonder & amazement has just evaporated from most nature lessons in our culture....

...We have become more indoor-dwelling people. Away from nature, away from each other. We are losing touch with beauty and not noticing that so much of what speaks of the greatness of our God has been closed out of our lives. The very same lessons that used to be taught enthusiastically to the tiniest child & student in higher education has been boiled down to tests, labs and textbooks -- not personal adventure!

To summarize the 7 reasons to get up and get out:
1. gaining observational & life skills, as well as actually experiencing school lessons so that they become relevant
2. understanding the connectedness of life
3. experiencing camaraderie, intimacy and the joy of making rich family ties
4. developing a quiet heart... one that can actually be STILL now and then, and one that can find benefits from moments of solitude
5. becoming aware of stewardship & conservation
6. creating a rich avenue for worship
7. learning that nothing in nature is "common"

and to add in some of my own:
8. exercise!!! get off the couch! get the blood flowing
9. meeting new friends. how are we to influence others without interacting!?
10. it's beautiful outside!!! we have been so extremely blessed with so much beauty around us... by not taking it for granted, we acquire a heart of gratitude for all we've been given!

My mom said when Ryan (my oldest sibling) was little, they were walking on a nature trail and a little old lady approached her and said, "a day inside passes time... a day outside creates memories"

we were ALWAYS outside when I was little. I mean ALL the time haha. I am so thankful my parents & grandparents taught me an appreciation of nature and our surroundings. I have no doubt that is why I am such a visual learner & why I am such a naturalist. Many times when I am spending time with God - He gives me mental images to associate with my mood/emotions - and there are always of nature.

Don't get me wrong - I actually love inside too. When my mom told me that quote - I said "but mom I love inside too and make wonderful memories there too" --- and she just said, "yeah but you just love everything" --- so I guess that's true. You can make fun & make a lesson in anything you are doing!! I love playing games, love playing trucks with Raymond, love doing the alphabet with him, reading books together, and I love a rainy day with movies once in a while..... but when it's sunny out - I just have to be outside as much as I can! I start feeling so guilty - like I'm doing my parents and grandparents a disservice when I keep Raymond inside on a beautiful day.

I hope you have a blessed day and take time to enjoy the beauty, wonder, balance, peace, power and awesomeness God has created!!


carebear said...

Loved reading this RJ! So few people realize the impact of being outside and learning hands on. That is one of the primary tools I used as a teacher in high school saddens me when elementary school teachers don't put it to good use.
Looks like you had some fun at the Brunswick river park. :)

:..Rebekah..: said...

What a handsome little guy!