Friday, September 26, 2008

Send Me

I saw this on Pastor Pete's website a while ago.... it really speaks to me so much. I feel this is what my heart is screaming right now. These words & this music bring tears to my eyes and give me the chills every time...

It's time to reach out, engage and DO what we have been talking about. Can you even tell there are churches in our community when you walk our streets? What have we been doing? Actions speak louder than words (right Robin?). It's time to get drastic, get desperate, more passionate. Who are we really reaching? Who are we helping? Are the sick being helped, poor being fed & lonely feeling welcomed?

We don't have to use our failures as an excuse to get discouraged and think low of ourselves and give up... like my previous post on growth - God has been working on the inside, we have just been going through a season - but now it's time to apply all we've learned as we've grown. It's time for our outsides to reflect what He has done inside!

Forget about around the world for now - what about in our own city? Small things, small decisions, small seeds planted make all the difference! We are so concerned with trying to change the world in huge drastic opportunities --- we are missing 'small' opportunities every day. You don't have to go on a church sponsored mission trip to another country to help people - look around.

God's doing something and I know He will send me - keep you posted :)

'Send Me' - Live at MHC Ballard from Re:Sound on Vimeo.

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