Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Won't you open the door?

God wants to speak to you, do you know that?

It still amazes me daily how much He cares for me. It still amazes me that He wants MY attention! I love how He speaks into my life. I think that He enjoys seeing me get 'pumped up' when I recognize the seeds He's trying to plant into my heart. He knows how much I love it when He gives me the same message from lots of different sources.....I get the biggest kick when He does that. Knowing those messages are for ME from Him the Creator of the earth is just mind-blowing to me.

Sometimes, He makes His message so clear to me that I feel I'm the only person in the world He's talking to (though I know that's not true). and sometimes it's extremely difficult to figure out if He's there at all (although I very much know He is)....BUT I really believe the only difference between those times are what *I* am allowing to get in the way of our relationship.

God makes it very apparent throughout His Word that if we seek Him, He'll be there. That He's always there knocking, it's our job to answer.

This opportunity is available to each and every one of us. Just because one person opens the door to Him doesn't make them better than you. Just because they are listening to Him is no reason for you to get discouraged. It should encourage you to open the door as well!! It's amazing to me how long I took this for granted. I have the ears and heart and love of the creator of this universe - ready for me. What in the world is keeping me from Him?

Much of the time it's feelings of guilt/unworthiness to be in His presence. That's the devil's lie to us. Don't you remember the garden of Eden? Adam & Eve messed up and sinned and then the guilt is what kept them from going to God. God didn't change!! God's love for them didn't change!! The only thing that changed in their relationship with God was this new feeling and conviction of shame and guilt they felt from the sin they had committed. He was still ready for them, still open to them - but the sin had laid guilt on their once-pure hearts so that they felt naked and vulnerable and unworthy to be in His presence.

That should have been our story too; but it isn't. Jesus came and took the blame for ALL of our sins. He endured the consequence of our sins... and in doing so, He made our hearts right again, taking away the same and guilt that our fallen nature causes us... so that we could have God in our lives. Are you taking advantage of that opportunity?

I remember when I didn't know God... and thinking oh man, how in this world do I start talking to the God of this universe? My relationship with God started like any young child's relationship with their parent. I just started talking to Him in whatever language I had for Him. Sometimes it was just tears (like our toddlers right?) sometimes it was small childlike words. Usually it was me whining about my problems, requests for what I wanted, complaining about other people, etc. etc. etc. and ya know what --- God met me there. He knew what I was feeling I didn't even have to say anything.

He wasn't taken aback by my words those first months of talking to Him - He wasn't upset that I was using baby talk with Him, the God of this universe, Holy Lord of Lords. He met me where I was and never once made me feel silly or foolish or childish. He showed me that He loved me and I felt His acceptance and approval from the beginning. He will never deny you. He will never push you away. He will always always always welcome you into His arms when you go to Him.

As my relationship grows with Him --- my words have changed in my conversations with Him. There's a lot less focus on me and a lot more focus on Him and others. I definitely have childish moments in my prayers --- but that's okay. He really is always there and willing to listen.

If there's one thing I could tell people or teach them it would be that God wants to be a part of their lives. Wherever you are, whatever stage you're at, no matter how many times you've messed up, or will continue to, whatever doubts or questions you have... He is standing knocking.

I truly believe that the reason He pours into my life so much is because I expect Him to. I am listening. I am seeking Him. But it all started with just talking to Him however I could. Now, in those seasons of my life that I am too discouraged to pursue, too tired to seek, and too faithless to expect....I'm so thankful that He's here because I allowed Him in. Now, when I go through those seasons.... all I need to do is somehow open the door even just a little and He will pour His love on me even when I'm not pouring my love to Him.

So I pray that we would all give Him attention today. He's ready. He's waiting. He is desiring for you to talk to Him and allow Him to be a part of your life. However you want to do it - wherever and whatever you want to say - won't you open the door even just a little?

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babyfordawn1983 said...

Randi Jo,

I apprciate your insight to your beliefs in Jesus Christ and the Almighty God. It seems that you have a very strong faith and someday I hope to find that myself. This is the first time I have ever heard someone say it doesn't matter what you say when you are talking to Him, just as long as you are talking. Thank you!