Saturday, October 4, 2008

Emerging Church

I found this quote somewhere (sorry I don't know where or else I'd give credit to where it was I saw it!)

[Emerging churches] do not believe in evangelistic strategies, other than the pursuit to be like Jesus in his interactions with others. They do not target people or have an agenda but rather seek to love all those whom God brings to them. They do not hope for a belief change for their conversation partners as much as a life change. Because of their high level of engagement with other cultures, the sacred/secular split is overcome as they practice the kingdom in their midst, in community.

E Gibbs & R Bolger

It makes me think. I am pretty sure that's the type of body I want to be a part of. Teaching & encouraging each other how to become like Jesus in our everyday interactions with those around us daily. Not only on Sunday mornings & Wednesday nights but throughout our days, every day. With all different kinds of people in all different kinds of situations.

I wonder what others feel about the 'emerging churches' and what wrong they see in them? Can't we somehow stop focusing on the bad in each other and just encourage the good? All the divisions / criticism of others in our own body need to stop (hey I'm talking to myself too).

That's all my thoughts for today. We're going out of town for the weekend. I hate that we're gonna miss the 2nd series in American Idols that pastor is doing - but I'll listen to it online later!


Anonymous said...

I've written about the emerging church some on my blog. I guess the only "bad" I can see is that we are called to be able to give a reason for our joy, peace, love. So if the emerging church (group you encounter) does not care about ever witnessing I would have some concern. I do not think it needs to be the first thing (only thing) out of our mouthes when we meet people and I don't believe we are to treat people as prospective converts (The if they do not turn in a set amount of time drop them attitude really irratates me.) but we do need to know what it is we believe and how our lives have changed and be able to talk about that.

Toia said...

This is so true. Living the life of Jesus is a 24/7 thing. If more churches were to teach & encourage people how to walk more in the spirit, there will be a lot less hypocrites in the congregation and in the pulpit. So sad but it's true.

Imagine being able to sit at the feet of Jesus and being taught by Him. Or even Paul for that matter. What a life changing experience that would have been....

Love the post....Continue to let God plant these kinds of seeds in your heart b/c your harvest time is coming soon.....Oh my how plentiful your harvest is going to be. To tell you the truth I won't be surprise, if you decide to write a book.

God is doing something in you. Whatever it is, get ready. The best is yet to come!!

Ralph Harris said...

Do you think that the age of the Church as a bunch of different divided places we go to worship every Sunday is coming to an end? I feel that we have created every type of Christian possible, and have all forgotten about the mold out of which we were taken, Jesus Christ. Seems like emerging churches are leaving out all of those dividing elements and trying to go back to how it was in the book of Acts, just people praising God, realizing his promises. You can already see the birth of church division in Acts, but, like when Peter was confronted for going to Cornelius´ house, after he explained, they all reconciled and praised God that He was working all over. Now that would, and has caused whole churches to split up. Well I think I am off topic, but seems like emerging churches are like the original church, going from place to place preaching about Jesus, and adding to the church, those that will be saved.

Monday through Sunday said...

I am interested in finding out what an emergent church is. I just heard the term used very recently.

Randi Jo :) said...

thanks you all. love you each. good points by each of you. I really do believe that we the body, the church are going through a huge awakening - realizing how our divisions have done nothing but wreaked havoc and allowed evil in. there is power in unity and somehow we've got to get closer to coming back together as one body. I see good things happening.

:)God is so awesome. He will continue to bring us back and help us not stray too far