Wednesday, October 1, 2008

History repeats

God laid on my heart a 'theory' back in my freshman year of college regarding the parallels between our culture/country & the ancient Roman Empire. I was reading a book by Francine Rivers set in ancient Rome and I started writing down similiarities I saw between our cultures. Our idol of lust. Our mentality of instant and short term pleasure. The list when on and on! This parallel has always stuck with me. I really believe if we don't learn the lessons from history, we will have to repeat the same mistakes.

I have a blog entry from June 27th of this year that I never published on my old blog. I started seeing a new 'history repeating itself' similarity. It was the simliarities between what is happening in our country now & what happened in Germany during Hitler's uprising & reign. My grandma always warned me about some things that happened in Germany/ Europe and to watch for them. My PopPop was there in Europe at the D-Day invasion and at concentration camps when people were released. He was able to talk to Germans who had turned from the Nazis and find out how it happened, how it all started. They warned him of many things which my PopPop warned my grandma which she passed to me.

I am not going to get into political views --- and I will avoid them as much as possible --- but I DO want to talk about political tactics.

Did you know so many of the same tactics Hitler used to gain power are happening in our own country? I even went so far back in June to look up Hitler's speeches. It was shocking. I don't want to say "scary" because I know I don't have to be afraid. God doesn't want us to be fearful..... but the parallels I saw were very clear to me.

The day after I wrote that post but never published it, a major newspaper website had an article written on the exact same topic. I thought, dang! I'm not the only one who sees the correlations.

The reason this is on my heart today is because I saw something on the news yesterday - children ages 5 to 12 singing one of our candidate's names as if they were praising him. Singing a song they were directed to - for purely political purposes. My jaw hit the floor. I had written about this back in June. That was one of the tactics I did NOT think would be used in this election.

Very interesting....

SOO I write all this just to get it off my heart. Just because these are some of the seeds in my heart.....I can't separate my political views/opinions from my faith views and convictions. Everything I see in politics is rooted back to a person's morality/faith or lack of. We all operate on some sort of moral code. The question is - is it the Creator's code (Bible) or some other created one?

Maybe some day I will publish that post back from June. It literally is a dissertation though. I was fired up that day haha

I know it's going to be okay. God is awesome and nothing is ever out of His control. However, we are called to stand up for what's right and resist evil. If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.


Monday through Sunday said...
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Anonymous said...

Randi Jo,
PLEASE post the blog you did not post. Think of that statement concerning "all that is needed for
evil to triumph is that good men remain silent ...". Thus, I beg of you, share what God put on your
heart that day. Our nation is at a critical point right now and as
few as 10 votes could change an
important outcome. I look forward
to your writing every day. Please,
post this. I think God wants your
writing to be heard.

Randi Jo :) said...

thanks for ur comments - I will post it eventually I'm sure :)