Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Debate Response

I am an American. I am proud of what our country was founded on. I agree with the economic system we were created from. I believe in the American dream, with no cap on that dream.

I am a christian, so I believe that as we get more, we should give a lot more. I believe *we* are the best (and most effective & efficient) way to help those around us suffering... not bueracrats in Washington.

Is there a lot of risk with giving people freedom? yes.

Freedom for people to fail or succeed.
Freedom to make bad or good decisions.
Freedom to act immoral or moral.
Freedom to become obsessed and greedy with the blessings available.

Though we make mistakes and make immoral decisions... does that make the freedom itself bad? Does that make a system based on freedom bad? Does it make the blessings themself bad?

No... it just points out our sinful human nature and our desire for idols (money) when we remove God from our # 1 priority. It shows how desperately we need to keep God and the morality He laid out, in our country and our homes throughout America!

The problem is not in our system. Money isn't evil. Freedom shouldn't be taken away.

The problem is that we as a majority are turning our backs on God and the right & wrong He has created.

photo by MomMom

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