Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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This post is not my post back from June (my dissertation that I never published) but it is going to be a post all about politics..... so reader beware. I have a feeling it will turn into a dissertation. But as always - I recognize this is mostly for me and even if nobody reads it - it will feel so good to get out all that's on my heart. Clearly, I don't know the answers and I have very little knowledge on economics or politics in general... but I do have my opinions.

I do believe we are are called to 'judge' our candidates and discern what is True/right about them. I have no idea really how to organize all these thoughts so this will again be a hodge podge of thoughts / convictions. Here I go....

Christians, Politics, Theology

So many times we as christians just totally avoid talking about politics at all. I don't think that's our role at all. I believe that discussions of politics are sometimes the best place to witness and allow the Truth to be heard. It's one of the best times/places to show how to love while disagreeing. To show compassion & mercy during conflict.

I am above all else a christian... but I am also a proud American. My country is not my idol - but I sure am thankful every day to be an American. I don't believe our government is in itself christian...... nor do I believe that our country should be a theocracy. Theocracy being the state being the head of the church - which is what our founding fathers ran from. There is separation there and that is a great thing for many reasons --- mostly because of corruption & because the integrity of Truth is risked when government is paying religious leaders.

BUT saying all that..... I do believe there is very clearly a role of faith in politics. AND I DO believe that America is a superior country because it is based on freedom. Freedom is a principle we all know is God's principle. We know freedom is good. God himself decided to give us freedom above all else.... freedom to choose Him or not. Freedom to strive to be moral. In our freedom --- bad can come - yes there is lots of risk with freedom.... but freedom itself is great. I believe it is right, no matter how we humans mess it up and what bad decisions we make with our freedom. That's the risk God took in creating freedom. Freedom to follow the plan He desired...or not.

Politics is very much a place for christians. Politics in its very nature is one's theology applied to legislation. Our churches might not be sanctioned by the government.... but our law IS based on theology. Our theology should not come out of our law. It's opposite. For christians especially it is very important for us to understand this. Non christians get their theology from the culture/law/politics/politicians/media/hollywood..... but that is not what we are called to do. Our theology as christians doesn't change. The foundation is just that - a concrete solid foundation. Not moving. Not changing with culture, politics or relative popularity of ideals. Do you truly believe that? Do you believe the Word of God is something to fight for? Or do you believe that since some don't believe in The Word of God --- that we shouldn't base our politics on it..... or should I say that we shouldn't base our vote for our political leaders on it. Do you believe leaders you elect should have a theology based on what they believe to be 'good' for the majority. Look at how 'good' has changed in our country as we have moved away from God. Putting our lives in the hands of people who do not have the same theology as us is a very bad decision.

We are at a huge turning point in our country right now. We have a candidate who is very clear that he will base legislation based on the theology of the relative morality. He will use legislation to create theology & reinforce it. His morality is not based on The Word of God. As a christian -- we should desire christian leaders in our government right? Our forefathers put God in even our founding documents as a nation. They intended for God to be in our legislation. The rule of law to be under His authority like the Bible tells us it should be.

It IS time to do some 'arguing'.... of course we must allow the Spirit to help us control our emotions. Of course we present our case mercifully & never with personal attacks on who we are discussing with....but I believe this is a time for us stand up for what we believe in. Will we deny our beliefs? Will we deny the very foundation of our life.... will we deny the very core of who we are... will we deny what our life is based on? Deny our theology that helps us decide all decisions & views including political? The Word of God is our guide. Our one and only God and His son and our Savior Jesus Christ are our leaders. We should desire earthly leaders who follow Him, right? When asked, we should give our views, opinions and what they are based on, right?

There is MUCH video tape of one of our candidates explaining why he will *never* use his theology (which he claims is The Word) to legislate or lead in his political office.

Well.... I say theology that doesn't effect every one of your decisions is no theology at all.

But I've heard some concern that neither of our candidates seem strong in their theology/morality... so who do we choose?

Role of government, Role of the church
I say I will always vote for the candidate that gives MORE power to the people (freedom) and LESS to the government. I do not trust the government to take better care of my family then I myself can. I think government has proven time and time again they should not be trusted with 'taking care' of so much of what we entrust them with.

We as the church have failed in many areas....but it is not the government's job to take over where we have failed. I heard one time that if everybody who claimed to be a christian, tithed - all poverty in the US would be eliminated with a lot left over. I believe my money would be a lot better in The Body than in government programs.

The only verses in the Bible that I know talk of the government's role is in Romans.... and it says:

1) to govern with authority from God (v1-2)
2) to praise the good in society (v4)
3) to punish the evildoer in society (v4)
4) to bear the sword and execute wrath against wrongdoers (v4) .

I don't see anywhere in there about distributing wealth... regulating or providing healthcare....trying to make all equal in stature & economic situation.....eliminating poverty..... controlling the education of our children.

I do see God mentioned.

I really really believe in capitalism and really do not like socialism. Ronald Reagan says, "Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged."

The problem is that we have slowly moved away from freedom. We are no longer a capitalistic nation. We have socialist programs all throughout our law and we have given the government WAY more power than was ever intended by our forefathers.

So what do we do? Do we give up hope on capitalism and turn our back on freedom? I am not going to. My grandfather fought and bled and almost died for me to be free and I will always choose freedom because of it. I have to believe we can have a moral revolution in this country so that capitalism can function again. I believe in the good in people. I believe we will bring God back into this country.

See there are much deeper issues here than anybody thinks. When you give up your freedom to the government - you realize that freedom will never come back? Our founding fathers were the last people that could leave their system and create their own capitalistic nation - there is no more land to start a country in.

I believe that our greatest presidents were godly men. Ronald Reagan being one of them. He realized the link between freedom and God.

He also says, Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.

Is there no turning back? Are we a people without God? Are we a people without moral courage? I absolutely in my heart believe that the majority of this country loves God. Just because the media makes it seem otherwise means nothing. That is why during election years candidates always move to traditional values. That is why during election years they talk about their faith a LOT.

Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. Reagan again.

So we have a decision to make. Do you believe the government should control or do you think the people should have the freedom to choose morality or not? Choose to take care of those around them. Choose to let religious flourish and keep God in our law.

Have we already made that choose? Is capitalism gone? Is our freedom gone?

I just have so many thoughts on poverty and welfare. I can see how it would be a great thing for government to take care of those who really can NOT work/ take care of themselves. I also believe that we have too many abusing the welfare system so the people who really need help aren't getting it. I think I would agree with the government 'taking care' of those who really can not provide for themselves through work. In my ideal - the government wouldn't even do that.... but okay let's compromise and let the government take care of those who neeed. (If the church and faith-based programs did, the government wouldn't have to).

The only groups that come to the forefront of my mind are the elderly & children. So many in the group (all) can not have jobs... but those aren't the ones being helped.

and those groups/people that are able or will be able --- shouldn't we worry much more about teaching them to fish than giving them fish?

Either way - I don't think taking away incentives or rewards from those who have worked extremely hard to get those rewards is any answer at all. I believe competition & free enterprise with reward for excellence is an AWESOME thing in an economy.

I don't agree with for a second, nor do I plan on ever following, any eutopia ideology that any politician presents. The only true eutopia is in the Word of God and my true Kingdom Home I will be in some day. The reality is that life on earth is going to be tough. There is suffering and will always be.

The reality is that sometimes the best a leader can do for people is to believe in them and give them freedom to help those around them (freedom by not interferring with their resources or ability to help). Show people we have faith in them. Show them that there is One and only One who will be with them through any situation and will turn around ANY situation for the good. (Romans 8:28).

But if you don't believe in people or in God being ruler in our law --- then socialism and strict control over all our decisions, is the way to go.

I believe we should give people the freedom to help others around them. And even reward them when they take care of others. The Bible says that. Praise the good in society.

I think looking at a politician's tax statements is a wonderful way to see what they believe about helping others. By the way, I don't see taxes as my form of tithing or even a form of charity in any way shape or form. Some actually believe that. The government has become the church to many people.

after note while watching the debate: no doubt the war has caused our economy to have a turn for the worse --- but make no doubt about it - the problem we face today is not a republican or democratic problem. During the Clinton years - a lot of bad decisions were made, just as bad if not worse than the Bush administration. I found an article today from September 1999 predicting this economic bail out (rescue) we are seeing would be necessary if Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac succombed to the pressure by the administration at the time (and community organizations such as ACORN - and we know who they are associated with) to give credit to undesserving people. There's a lot of problems in our economy right now --- but ultimately the point I believe to be most true is that blame isn't necessary. The finger pointing even in the most recent debate is ridiculous. What's the solution. I don't believe giving government more power and more money is the answer. Greed got us here. Greed in government, greed in big business, I don't want the government to have any more of my money. I want to take away control from the government give it back to the people and let them choose to be moral or not. I believe in people and that they will allow God back as the head of our country as it was written to be at its foundation.... more than I do our government and the media that loves it so much and feeds so much propaganda to us.

Fruits of the work

I say if we can't figure out clearly which candidate is a christian and if we can't figure out which stands for biblical principles --- then look at the fruit of their work. For example, what sort of change has been brought about in the city of Chicago where one of our candidates was leader. A position that one candidate is most pride of. He is not the primary leader of this city obviously.... but he was clearly a 'leader' and is proud of his work there:

  • In the last 6 months, 292 murders in Chicago --- 221 killed in Iraq

  • Cook County (Chicago) sales tax highest in country (more on taxes later)

  • Chicago school system one of the worst in the country
These are just a few statistics I found... but my point is, where did all the "community organizing" get the community? What is community organizing anyway? Well basically, the objective the organizers have of trying to draw attention to poverty and some social issues in the city was reached. Maybe. Some attention was drawn. Enemies of local officials were made. Blame was cast...but no tangible good has come out at all. No good at all has come from the 'organizing' except fueling careers of some organizers.......poverty has not been alleviated in any form.

In reality, casting poverty as a political condition is debilitating for those in poverty. In other words telling people its not their fault for their situation & so they don't need to take responsibility for themselves - doesn't do anybody any good. Said another way - telling them they can't do anything themselves and so they need leaders that will 'save' them does no good for them long term. Does nothing for our economy long term. Trying to give quick solutions is no answer.

Political activism cannot stop poverty. This has been shown time and time again. When it comes down to it, people who are not employed will never stabilize or thrive. Community action in this form of "agitation" organizing (more on this later) has always failed. The link between political power & individual economic status is very clearly not as strong as we have been made to believe.

At the basis of the economic plan of any thriving country... is the reality that people don't need fish for the long term. Unless you just want the government to be the provider of fish forever. They need to learn how to fish. They need a position that will allow them to fish. So basically more than anything we need jobs. And if there are jobs available and people aren't taking them -- them we must must must give them the freedom to fail and not take care of them if they make that decision.

There are deep rooted issues here with no easy solutions..... but let's start calling it like it is and start telling people it's time to choose. Do you want capitalism or do you want socialism? Make the choice. Look back at history at these 2 forms and figure out where the most good has come from and figure out which you want.

I believe we need to also start talking about literacy (more in following posts), education and stop blaming problems on politics or a certain group of politicians.

Very clearly it did not take a 'community organizer' to get many of our politicians and successful business men, writers, doctors, leaders where they are today from where they came from. Why don't they teach what they did instead of how they can now help and rescue others?

Ultimately, I do not believe communities should rely on un-elected 'officials' (that have all but forced themselves to be the leader --- which is no 'leader' at all) to channel money to organized groups of people / communities based on race/economic status and then direct these programs they create. While we tell people we are empowering them... we never really empower THEM individually --- and so we actually are doing opposite. We empower only the leaders. More on this later...

Clearly taxes high or low are not a christian issue...except that we are called to pay taxes no matter how high they become... but the following is just my opinion as all of this blog entry is.

If the government insists on taking MORE money away from businesses & people - they are saying that they themselves can take care of our (my) money better than we (I) can. I think it is very clear that we should be given freedom to do with money as we please. I would much rather the people be left with freedom as it the theme throughout this. I would much rather truly empower people than government.

I really do not believe that the role of government is to be the church... not to be a social 'program'. I believe in a very limited government. A very small, limited government. I believe in people. I believe in them because I know their creator. I am sick to death of politicians trying to give us a victim mentality. I want a leader who says.... you are intelligent, God-created creations, you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination and you don't need anybody to micromanage your money, your family, your children's education, your health.... buck up! We the government will get out of your way - we trust you to go do your thing! Pursue happiness. You have the liberty to live and make your own choices.

Do you realize that the community organizing tactic that one candidate (or I should say his political machine) has used throughout his entire career and is still using today is sometimes referred to as 'agitation'. It's a radical tactic from Hitler's day and before. No I don't believe they are outright evil like Hitler --- but this community organizing technique filled with hatred & victim mentality is very clearly the same used by many socialist & communist leaders throughout history. Agitation is all about getting under people's skins and filling them with a lot of negative, woe is me until they take on a victim mentality. In pretending to empower the people --- this only empowers the agitator.

The tactic is: Pinpointing pain in our lives and making us feel angry about this pain. Then using this anger or pain to fuel us into thinking whatever ideology they are promoting. It's about making people focus on this anger/pain/void that the leaders continually talk about and then start blaming that void on injustice to fill the people with hatred and the desire to rise up against whichever group the leader wants us to. It's about projecting a people's void and problems onto others. It's about focusing on differences and using it to divide and cause anger in one group vs. another. Playing the blame game & advocating injustice at all times. Keeping people separated by color, socioeconomic status, etc. That's the tactic. That's what has worked time and time again. Go back to Hitler's speeches from the 1930's and 40's. You will see this same 'organizing' tactic. More on this later.....

but for now, my response and opinion to this tactic is: People are not cattle that can be agitated to a stampede of whatever view you're trying to promote. Let the people be free. If you really are "for" them - then believe in them! Believe they can do anything they set their mind to. I am standing up and telling you that I am a child of God. I don't need the government to tell me where to spend my money or what to believe or who to help and how. I refuse to have a victim mentality. I choose to be thankful for all the blessings I have been given.

I believe I am completely blessed to be an American. I won't give into the sky is falling we are doomed mentality.

Maybe I'm an idealist.... but too many have bled for us to easily give up our freedom from way too powerful governments & dictators.

I am not defined by the color of my skin or by my bank account and I refuse to define others by those things. I refuse to allow 'leaders' to continue to divide me from my brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe in the Word of God. I believe that restoration and abundance is available to ALL.

I believe the church should really start meeting needs & offering at the same time The Good News.... so that the government doesn't have to. Socialism is always the result of a country/people with no religion. Socialism is the choice when the majority do not have God. I'm not willing to say I want that.

I know that Jesus is my Savior and I believe that freedom is His gift to us. I will always vote for freedom. Freedom at all levels. I believe that the church should be the church again - taking care of people and the government should protect us from others (NOT from ourselves) & build roads.

If this country really does not appreciate the free enterprise system that we are founded upon..... then we should vote for the candiate that will change this system. I just wish in our schools - we really taught what this free enterprise system is all about. I learned more about socialism & communism than our system of freedom.

If our people believe more in government than each other... then they should vote for the candidate that agrees with those beliefs.

If our people don't care about our leader's theology & basis for morality - then vote for whoever talks good and spins the best vision.

If we aren't proud of America and all the good it's done... then vote for the candidate who has more associations with people that hate America than people that love it.

I will vote for a man that I am convinced, believes in people. I will vote for a man that fought and almost died so that radical extremists could have a voice in our media & universities and even run for offices. I will vote for the man that I believe wants to give power back to the people not take it for the government he will lead.

I will always vote for freedom.

Finally.... some more thoughts on my Jesus. Jesus is the great equalizer. He sees us not by our skin or bank accounts but by our souls. He doesn't want us to have a victim mentality nor preach it. I know that I love freedom so much because I wasn't always free. I was a slave to sin, slave to others, slave to myself. I know what His power does. I know how priceless freedom is. I believe in Him, I believe in the people He created. I also believe in the Church and that we will continue to get better at really fulfilling the role we were designed for. I believe we can and will start reaching & being His Hands & Feet on a greater level. I believe a moral revolution can happen.

Will electing any one politician change the world? No. There are SO many changes that need to be made. But this is the ideal I believe in and the ideal I want to move toward.

I don't believe that any christian leader should ever make people feel victim to any circumstance in their life. Jesus has conquered the world - and we have His power in us, the Bible says so. We don't have to embrace the chains that the world puts on us any longer. Jesus calls us to stand up! To have God redefine us and not to be defined by the world's standards (race, age, background, etc.)...... the christian leader one of our candidates followed did not preach victory at all. I don't believe that preacher & I follow the same Jesus at all.

And as far as wanting to be equal - Jesus DID make us equal. It's done and it goes both ways ya know --- to be equal means that nobody gets condemned or judged because of external factors....but it also means that nobody gets special treatment because of external factors. I believe that many leaders in many communities are they themselves the reason that there isn't complete equality.

We are called to build each other up, to remove all chains to help others see what is possible because of who is in them.

Hitler on the other hand believed and taught opposite of the teachings I read in the Bible. Much like some preachers in America today that many follow, including some of our candidates. Hitler was intent on inspiring hatred and bitterness in the Germans against the Jews. He even used his christianity (however distorted his "christianity" really was)....to backup his "fight against injustice".

Hitler quotes in one of his speeches,
I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them (them being "his people" the Germans) , if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those (Hitler is referring to turning against the Jews) by whom today this poor people is plundered and exploited ....

and I disagree with him obviously as does everybody, right? See this anger & victim mentality he is preaching? The same is being done today - from all sides.

I feel no pity for others - because I know Jesus saves, He heals He comforts He brings victory! Yes the church needs to help others tangibly - food, shelter, etc.... but not out of pity. To offer them tangibles.. yes like Jesus did! but more importantly the intangible. To tell them of the REAL good news. The government can only offer tangible --- and does a horrible job at that! because really, it's not their job in my opinion. It's only their job when the country turns away from Morality & God.

Again God would want money and blessings and tangibles to flow through us rather than government right?!

Hitler goes on to say... and now I would ask those who today call us 'agitators': what they have you to give to the people as a faith, to which it might cling...... he even knows he's called an agitator --- just like so many community organizers from our own country claim to be. (Many of which are one of our candidate's mentors) The message to the people is that, they have nothing, nothing to cling to. There is no more faith. They are a lost cause. The message is that they are owed something more than what they have. They exclaim to their people, you are persecuted, you are exploited... the ____ (Jews in Hitler's case) do whatever they can to persecute and take advantage of you. This world was designed against you specifically. You "deserve" better...Jesus isn't watching out for you - you need to take matters into our own hands and go against those who are exploiting you. Did Jesus teach that ever?

What this does.... preaching victim mentality all while claiming you are trying to empower the people... is empower only the organizer.

What's their next step after getting the people to understand their deep plight and have pity on themselves for it? Well after making sure to bring to light your greatest needs & pain..... they will make sure you know, there is a solution. Is it the Savior that they offer? No. Is it the ultimate good news? No. Their good news to the people is they themselves. It's how organizations have always gained power.

These leaders have the solution for these "hopeless people". Follow me, they say. Together we will change things. I will help you. You are hurting & need help and here I come. I have the solution. We will set ourselves free.

So you see --- there is a theology/religion being taught whether it's formal, organized, or recognized.

and NO NO NO NO NO NO people this is not the truth. If you would just look at how much 'better' the people are now after the community organizers have left. Look at the Germans after Hitler, Cuba after Castro, different cities after the community organizers have left. Look at the fruit of these organizers' works.

Do I believe that any candidate has studied Hitler and other radical leaders? No. I do believe one is mixed up in a LOT of bad ideology and bad associations. I believe one has been subject to a lot of hate speech and negative wrong preaching even in his church. I believe he has been around extreme radical thinking for a long time and it's clearly not based on a morality or theology I associate with. I also believe he is a long way off from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr tried tod o and did and the dream he had. In my book he shouldn't even be compared to Dr. MLK Jr.

I also believe that we make a mistake in looking at one man and thinking we are electing one man. We are not electing one man, he is just the spokesperson. The nominee is always just the face. We are electing an entire machine and team of people behind our candidates. Who is in their pockets? Who are their mentors? Who do they give money to? Who have they worked for? There is an entire ideology up for election each time we vote.

My closing thoughts

My opinion is that..... Jesus you ARE enough. I KNOW you are the only Savior. I know you are the only one who can meet ALL our needs. I believe that you will work through the church again to reach hurting people everywhere. I believe in the people you created and that we can have a moral revolution here. I am not willing to give up my freedoms yet. I believe the church will again rise and offer the tangibles but more importantly offer the good news. I believe that we are not victims. We are not slaves to this world. I don't want to be a slave to a bunch of intellectuals who don't agree with my theology.

We are victorious because of you. I believe that anybody can change and no situation is hopeless. I really believe that. I believe God that you are no respector of persons and if ONE person overcomes a battle --- anybody can overcome it. I believe these leaders should be a testimony and example to people as to what freedom allows us to do. Rags to riches stories. I don't believe they should instill in them a victim mentality. So many overcame the same challenges faced today - or even much worse - and they did it without social programs & community organizers.

God, I put my hope in YOU alone. I know that life on earth isn't always fair - but I know that God is just. We ALL will struggle, we all will be persecuted but those who turn toward Jesus during those times of struggle become RESILIENT. They become more powerful and more faithful to God. Their lowest points and then their victory and overcoming of their disadvantages - become a glorious example of the power of Christ. In our realities is your glory God! I know above all else you wouldn't want us to be filled with hate.

How can christians preach messages of hate, victim mentality, and no faith in others?...... Jesus' central message was one of love, of vicTOR mentality and mercy and grace to all, right?

The amount of good that comes out of America is so far superior to any other country because of our FREEdom, and what God has done through us as a people. I believe our freedom is from Him and since we believe it's from Him, His light shines through us. That is why we are the only country will miles and miles long of people trying to get into our country legally -- and many coming every day illegally.

I wanted to talk here about some of my brothers and sisters. Patience on the left came from Ghana with nothing. She worked her tail off for years (eventually leading her to the job of taking care of my grandma with dementia). She is part of our family. This is part of my family. We have a huge family now. Patience worked endlessly and would do anything to bring her family over. How many nights we prayed for her family to be able to come over. They made it! They are here! Only in America is this possible. Only in a capitalist system is this story possible. This is why people want in to our country so bad. THIS is the type of story I want to see on the news. She loves our freedom, loves our system that allows hard work to be rewarded.
Through her suffering she became resilient. I am not sure she would change anything about her story and the challenges she faced.

Freedom is the central message of Jesus' victorious and triumphant crucifixion and resurrection. God please help us protect our freedom, on all levels. The free will to do what we want with our lives. I am so sorry we haven't made good decisions with our freedom. I am ready for the people to have another chance. I don't want our freedom taken away yet.

I will never put my country above God --- God is my priority, then my family, then my country. But I believe this country is a blessing to others and I feel blessed to be born here. YES there is so much wrong with this country, with us individually, with our government.... but God there is hope!

I believe that change can come --- but I don't want it to be in the form of big government or any economic system other than free enterprise! This country gives everybody the right to leave if they don't like it here, but I am staying. and I am voting!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots and lots to think about here. Amazing Post! I am glad you mentioned the tangibles we the Church need to offer the rest of the world. For far too long the prosperity gospel has justified having and hording our wealth. I truly believe we are a blessing to be a blessing to others and unless we want socialized government we better start walking out a social gospel.

Toia said...

"And as far as wanting to be equal - Jesus DID make us equal. It's done and it goes both ways ya know --- to be equal means that nobody gets condemned or judged because of external factors....but it also means that nobody gets special treatment because of external factors. I believe that many leaders in many communities are they themselves the reason that there isn't complete equality."

This one of the many favorite things you said in your post. Jesus has made us equal. Jesus doesn't care about our race, how much money is in our bank account, or if you live in the valley or in the projects.

People of the world (especially community leaders) tend to categorized according to such things. As a result, many people experience no self-worth, no faith in God, and angry either with the world or God (sometimes both).

But once Christians believe their self worth and stand on the benefits that God has bestowed upon us for believing and serving His Son, Jesus, they will see that we are only of the world and not part of the world.

No matter what goes on around us, whether it's the economy plummeting or the gas prices rising, God got us. He got our backs, fronts (everything). No matter who becomes president, because God is the one and only true President and Most High King.

He is not going to leave or forsake us. He is not going to request that we pay more taxes so that we can be bless. He is not going to start campaigning for our votes and try to convince us why He is the better man for the job. God is not the God to say one thing and do another. If God says it, you better believe it. He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever more.

Randi, you got me stirred up here. Great post.

Much Love,