Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ramblings about the moon

Each night when I see the moon, I think of my MomMom & I think of God. It was such a hard decision for me to move away from MomMom. We are extremely close. Those first months away I remember looking at the moon every night and singing the 'fievel song'.... ya know, "somewhere out there.....".... She'd call me and say, are you looking at the moon!? I am! Somehow it was comforting to know that no matter the distance between us, we had the same moon to peer at and enjoy. I still find myself singing that song many nights.

I realized what the underlying lesson was. We knew that we couldn't see each other --- but there was one that could see both of us. The moon was representative to us of our unifier and the One we trusted was watching over each of us and connecting us.

Trying to picture things from the moon's perspetive is so cool. The moon can see so many people that we will never see. And God's greatness is soo way bigger than the greatness of the moon He created!! He really CAN see all of us and not only can He see us - He is intimately and personally and actively involved in our lives - all across the world! Wow

There are not too many things that unite ALL of us on earth --- but the moon & The Creator are 2 of them. The same moon that Jesus looked at while on earth is the same moon I look at now. Wow.

Often times when I look at the moon I think - God who else is looking at the moon right now? Where do they live? What struggle are they going through (we are all going through some struggle at all times)? and sometimes I just pray for all the different people peering up at the sky. I pray that they would get to know Him, the One and Only God that created this world and cares deeply about us whom He designed & created.

what an awesome thing to know that God knows exactly who is looking at the moon at any given moment. He knows what they are struggling with, and what is on their heart.

Pretty mind boggling. The moon is a reminder to me just how huge God is. It's a reminder to me that all of us on earth are unified in Him.

Photo by MomMom


babyfordawn1983 said...

So true! My sister and I have that connection too. I can just feel when she is in pain and she knows when I am hurting and we don't even have to be close. It is an awesome feeling to know tha God gave that to us.

Toia said...

Sometimes I go out at night and watch the moon. And as always I am in awe of how beuatiful God's work of art is. Sometimes the moon can look so big....almost as if you can reach out and grab it.

PS - I forgot to tell you I work part time as a preschool teacher. Before then, I was a stay at home mom.

Enjoy your evening!!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful photograph! Love this post.