Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Universal 'ethics', Rome, Jesus

I wrote a huge long dissertation on politics a few weeks ago and I believe enough was said there for at least 4 years... BUT Melanie linked to a post from a new blog friend here and I just had to add to it.

She did a great job of stating her views and Obama's desire for universal ethics or "values".

I am just a bit bewildered that more people don't recognize his ideology for what it is.

Do we want 'change' soo bad that we will sacrifice Truth for it?

I'll preface this by saying that I don't think Obama is 'evil' or to be feared.... I just think he has had a lot of wrong ideology poured into him for a long time... an ideology I don't agree with. I believe he is trying to do good and unify people --- he's doing what's good based on the morality he believes in.... but I just disagree with him completely. Ultimately morality is what it is and can't be changed dependent on the people and their lifestyles. As a christian, I believe there is only One successful unifier, the one and only God our Christ who put all people on the same playing field.

Jesus' ministry was very much all inclusive.....He came to save everybody and His invitation was open to all.... but while He was here - He did teach about ethics. He very much uplifted God and His rule. He sure was an advocate for the One and Only God. He clearly believed in absolute morality that God created and didn't believe in morality created by any religious leader or political movement. Jesus knew we couldn't live up to God's standards. He knew that our failures could always be forgiven, which is why He did what He did for us... but very clearly our Jesus did not believe in basing our ethical (or moral) 'code' on whatever the majority 'felt'. There was (is) an underlying right and wrong. He called us to strive for righteousness and discerning out this right & wrong through the working of the Spirit. Doesn't Jesus make it clear that relative morality is not good?

What starts off as something that seems a way to unify a very diverse people --- turns into an anything-goes mindset. Ask Rome. Rome's strength (in it's mind) was the ability to 'tolerate' every practice and embrace every new idea in the name of freedom. But what was once it's strength became it's destruction.

Freedom without restraint little by little tears away at a people. Freedom without restraint eventually means anything goes without consequence. Freedom without our legislation being under God will turn our already individualistic society into a self-serving, pleasure-seeking, happiness-above-all mess.

As christians, we should want people in 'office' who have the same ideology as us.

Our people have turned away from God because Truth hurts. We couldn't get away with what we do if there is a God --- so we just pretend He doesn't exist and we make our own gods. They don't know The Savior and His power.

Our people have turned away from God so they are asking the government to take over where His Body was supposed to in taking care of those around us.

Our people have turned away from God - therefore there is no clear right and wrong so a new ethical code needs to be put in place and that code is based on relative morality. What is moral is what is 'best' for the majority.

With this relative morality --- Hitler eventually convinced thousands (millions?) it would be 'right' to obliterate an entire race that caused 'his people' injustice. My point is that eventually anything can be justified with relative morality. Very simply, the tolerance of evil & relative morality will bring destruction and turmoil upon any nation willing to allow it into its schools, governments and homes.

I just pray that everybody knows what a vote for Obama stands for. It's not about his policies at all really -- it's about the ideology he'll bring to the White House. Check out his speeches, radio excerpts, transcripts (that were not 'lost') from 2001 and on. Check out the ideology you're voting into office.

Please God help us turn back to you. We have been headed toward this path for a long time. Isn't there a majority in this country that still loves you God?! That wants to know The Truth you created? That understands that Jesus came so we could get to know you. For those that have accepted Jesus... God please help them continue to seek you out and allow the Holy Spirit to transform them. Help us all God want to get to know you more.... not just you in the form of Jesus in the New Testament... but all that you are and stand for. Help us desire to strive to be perfect moral agents as Jesus was... though we will always fail. Let us look to follow Jesus and do whatever we can to become more Christlike. His life and His teachings were the perfect example of your absolute morality. Please God help us learn from the mistakes of the past. I do believe God in morality that you laid down. I believe that you are the designer of right & wrong. I do believe God that there is an authority (you) above any government, any dictator and any political group of bureacrats. Your authority and morality is above all God.

If God, there comes a time soon that I will be persecuted for this 'traditional' and 'rigid' ideology --- help me stand firm in place during persecution as the Christians did in the Roman streets & arenas.

because the truth is...that the majority say they want tolerance of all ideals... but really they want to be tolerant of all ideas except those which point out their brokenness, failures and need for you.

Your morality does point out our sin and it's painful. What the people don't realize is that it's okay because the Savior came and has rescued us from our brokenness. He didn't lower morality to our level... He didn't change right & wrong... He raised us up and made it possible for us to be transformed. There is freedom after that pain of our failures for those that accept Him.

but until we see and feel our pain.... until we are heartbroken over our brokenness and need for you... we won't accept our need for a Savior. Until we recognize our need for a Savior, we won't accept Him, won't accept the One and Only God. Without accepting The Savior, we won't be free and will be slaves to whatever god ("happiness", pleasure, lust, wealth) we have created. As we avoid the pain of the Truth and cling to other gods.... we may temporarily feel 'good' but in the end we will have eternal emptiness.


Monday through Sunday said...

Thanks for the link!

Lucile said...

You are explaining this situation
beautifully. So often people follow blindly because they are fearful of being thought uncool or
outdated in their thinking. People
who are normally investigative thinkers suddenly appear to to be koolaide drinkers following a Rev. Jones command.