Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wake up sleeping giant!

What would it be like if The Body, the church, fully woke up!? In general, we have been a sleeping giant too long!!! but what if the sleeping giant woke up!?

I get SO pumped up thinking about this!! because it's happening! There IS a stirring going on.... change happens from the bottom up not from the top down (no matter what politicians say)... change happens when those on a grassroots level start making their faith ACTIVE.

I'm ready to be active! I am so ready to really BE the change I want to see.

I'm going to continue to 'step out' and make my faith more active. I am going to live for Him and center my life on that goal! He has been pouring into me, He has taken the time to prepare me and the overflow is happening.

We are ALL at different stages and how our faith is 'active' will be different for each...but I just pray that we start moving! Just a little bit each day! Whether it be setting aside time for God, sharing with friends & families what God is doing in your life, helping those around you with words of faith & encouragement, or giving to those in need. Be active & intentional in your faith today all the while telling Him you're doing it for Him!
  • People are looking for the government to help them monetarily, because the church has failed.
  • People are considering cults, satanic movements, false religions to find some truth, because the church isn't teaching, sharing and speaking about the one lasting Truth, the Word of God.
  • People are looking for the schools to teach ideology & doctrines instead of reading writing and rithmetic... because parents & churches are not
  • People are looking for clubs, groups, social orgs to be a family with.... because we're not reaching, inviting, asking others to journey with us. Not being the family we were meant to be.
There is hope! a CHANGE is coming! There have been a lot in the church who have been active but it's time for us younger generation to follow and allow Jesus to work in us and through us!

Let's take advantage of the freedom of religion we have in this country before it disappears!! We have the freedom to talk about, discuss and teach from The Bible no matter what the media or others say. We DO have that freedom anywhere we are!

We have the freedom to worship our God and praise His name in any form we choose. Let's do it before those freedoms are taken away as they are in the majority of cities across this world. (

It just takes a small group making 'small' decisions daily to turn toward Him to change an entire body.... oh what God can do with a small mustard seed of people that actually believe He can use them to make a difference! I truly believe it takes a small few to be active in their faith to cause big change to happen!

Open your Bible, talk to God, talk to a friend about Him, listen to a friend's hurt, concern and pain and direct him to the One who loves him and has a plan for him, praise God in song, art, something .... make at least one small decision today to be active in your faith that you didn't do yesterday!

The devil has tricked us to believe one person can't make a difference.... tricked us to believe that small decisions can't make huge differences.... tricked us with our busy-ness & distractions to not focus on God throughout our day. Don't let him fool you! Have faith that small decisions DO make a difference. Have faith God can use you exactly as you are, where you are.

There's a shift happening.... keep waking up snoozing giant before we are caught sleeping as our Jesus is betrayed and put in shackles!!!!! (Mark 14:32-41)

Update 10:35 am... Raymond and I just got back from running errands and look at what Pastor Steve Furtick posted on his blog just now.... ... it's the same message God has been laying on my heart! I love how God always reinforces His teaching through other venues to sort of affirm the lesson - through blogs, books, radio, people, sermons, etc...

He is SO good! Change IS coming -- but not in a politician or political group! from God through The Body!! :) through people naive enough to believe He can use anybody, anything little by little to affect the world! :)


Anonymous said...

Amen! God is surly using your faithfulness. Your determination to push through and not give up is like a refreshing rain. Keep going! Sister!

Rebekah said...

Your passion is electric! Thank you for this exhortation and encouragement, friend. God is truly using you as you seek to obey Him and glorify Him with your life. Love ya!

Kathy said...

AMEN! You should speak in church. you are so passionate!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good writer and you have such a unique way of sharing your views. You're right--Change needs to happen today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randi :) I love the inspiration to make small decisions each day to make our faith 'active' - so motivating to read this, thank you and God bless.