Monday, November 17, 2008

Newborn or Weaned Child

I received the following devotional email the other day and it really touched me. Here is the email in italics and my response following:

Nurturing a Quiet Soul
by Jon Walker

But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me. Psalm 131:2 (NIV)
*** *** *** ***
My older sister, Lori Hensley, a very serious prayer warrior, once taught me to meditate on Psalm 131 to help me move toward God’s peace that passes all understanding:
We keep our hearts humble. This doesn’t mean we have a low opinion of ourselves. A humble heart means we know our position in Christ, and so we stop being responsible for the things of which we were never responsible. This frees us to live like God intended and allows us to make uncluttered choices that will move us closer to God.

We show the maturity of a weaned child. The nursing child demands attention now, but the weaned child trusts and is content to wait. We quietly center ourselves on God, peacefully, without agitation and anxiety, and trust God is actively supporting us.

We hope in the Lord with confident expectation. Truth says God will answer our prayers; he will respond to our needs; he will pave the path before us now and forever (Psalm 18:36).

I often find myself acting like an infant, a child of God not yet weaned. I want what *I* want.... and I want it NOW. and I'm not talking about material wants. I'm talking about spiritual wants. The plans I have for my life. I want to be used a certain way by Him... in a certain time. I want my skills to be used NOW rather than later. I want to make a difference in this certain place, at this certain time....

I know He has put dreams in my heart for a reason --- but there's a real problem when that dream becomes my focus. Why can't I learn this lesson? Why every few months do I have a post like this? I need to really and truly get over this cycle. I notice the pattern every time - I begin to see how others are used, I begin to look at other's ministries and see how they are doing things.... even though my heart tells me, "comparison is the root of all inferiority" --- I do lose focus and look at those around me. I begin to feel like *I* am ready for something to happen, that I'm SO ready to be used in a certain way... that I must just not be pushing hard enough.... so I start trying to take matters into my own hands instead of recognizing that my job is to trust, to wait, to be still and know that HE is God and I am not. Yes, there are times we must push forward, take leaps of faith, and take action to move closer --- but He will show us when those times are upon us. He does not want me to have anxiety or worry over missing any boat. He doesn't want me to fear disappointing Him.

Bottom line is that if I am with Him - then He will take me where I'm supposed to go. If He is in me and I am in Him, then obviously there is no possible way His plans for me will not be fulfilled.

I should focus a lot more on being with Him, on allowing Him to live in me.... then trying to DO for Him.

He again is reminding me of this lesson. I am so glad He reminds me of these lessons now to protect me from hurt later. I want so badly to learn this lesson now.... for if I don't --- one day I will wake up and realize that in all my desire & action & constant striving to DO for Him... I totally missed out on being with Him.

God please show me when to be Mary Randi and when to be Martha Randi. Please God help me learn this lesson once and for all to my core. Soothe my worries, cover my concerns with your assurance that YOU have the plans and I don't need to (Jer 29:11).... don't allow my personality weaknesses to get in the way of my personality strengths.

Help me God in my walk with you. Help me to grow up and out of his newborn stage of worry, impatience, discouragement. Help me to have discipline to have time of solitude with you daily. Remind me again how to "just be" with you. I love you father God. I know that you are telling me that if I want to move forward --- it's time to take some steps back from life and run to you. Help me have confident expectation in your plans for me God. Help me be content to wait...


babyfordawn1983 said...


I know we all have our struggles and I know that we will make it back home in the end. He wants us to come back to Him. He loves you and He loves me.

Love ya!

PS Check out my blog, as I am sure you will, I have more comments about your blog tied in with my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely devotional, and a wonderful heart you have towards God, to trust Him in His good plan for your life ... and as He goes before you and leads the way, one of the ways He is ministering through you right now is here on your blog, with your inspiring devotion to Him and gift for communication.
Love and blessings,
Birgit :)

Toia said...

I think we were separated @ birth. Not intentionally, I tend to focus on how everyone seems to be grabbing hold to their dreams and running with it. All the while, I feel like I am standing still. Sometimes, I get frustrated and somewhat envious.

And I know, that's satan trying to make me feel like where I am right now, is where I will always be. Just like what you said about God giving you dreams for a reason. I feel the same way about my gifts/talents. I know God did not give me these precious gifts/talents for nothing, But then, I began to think why does it seem like they are going to waste.

Trust me you are not alone in this cycle. But after going through this vicious cycle and when I finally come to myself, I realize that it's all in God's timing. I have that "want it now" tantrum. Am I proud of!! But I do know I will be free from this day.

It's all about the process. Think about it. Someone who is overweight and want to drop some pounds, is not going to do it overnight. However, it's about first acknowledging that they are overweight. Then taking a giant leap of faith to believe in God to give them the necessary tools that are needed to complete the process. And I am sure there are going to be times when they may slip and eat a cheeseburger or ice cream, or any other foods they know are damaging to their diet.

They may go through that same cycle of cheating on their diet. But it's all about dusting yourself off everytime you seem to repeat an offense. And finish the process that God has called us to complete. We fall down and then get up.

God honors us more when we acknowledge our mess ups and ask forgiveness, even if you are apologizing for the same thing over and over again. But that "over and over again" cycle will last only for a season. How long...who knows.....until God says it times.

"For a righteous [man or woman] may fall seven times And rise again..."(Proverb 24:16)

We only fall just to rise up stronger than ever before. Anytime you feel yourself slipping into that cycle (let's call it the twilight zone) email me and I'll be there to help pull you out. And if it's alright with you, I will email you for support when I feel myself entering into the twilight zone as well so that you can do the same for me. There's nothing like a prayer partner to help bear your infirmity when you are feeling weak.

Of course, I did not mean to type this much. All in all God is great and He is greatly to be praise. Stay Bless and Stay Strong!!!

Much Love,

Randi Jo :) said...

Thank you all so much as always. Your words really impact me :)

Birgit - thanks so much for the encouragement. you have such a beautiful heart - can't wait to read your book! :)

toia -- yes we are totally separated at birth aren't we? :) you are def. my sister and my new accountability partner! it's a deal. thanks for your constant love/encouragement. God has used you greatly in my life already.

love you all! :)

Randi Jo :) said...
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Rebekah said...

I share your prayer, Randi Jo.