Friday, February 6, 2009

What Pleases God - Rewind to Part 4

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I want to take extra time today in prayer for my father during his surgery and the results to follow next week..... so will hold off on Part 6 and instead today rewind to Part 4 for some more things on my heart.

To add onto Part 4 ----
What other sort of thinking does the world think is foolish but the Word says otherwise??

  • We are to forgive those who have wronged us. To forgive them as God forgives us... unconditionally, without limit, fully. That love always forgives. Always hopes. Always perserveres. (Matthew 6:14, Matthew 18, I Corinthians)
  • To love our enemies.
  • That true love is self sacrificing and content to be at the back of the line. Love puts others first and self-interest aside.
  • That to find ourselves we must lose ourselves
  • The belief that God can and WILL turn around ANY situation for the good. Things that the world sees, bad, evil, devastating He can use for good (Romans 8:28)
  • That we should desire to be joyful always (I Thes 5:16)
  • That we can learn to be content no matter our circumstances (Phil. 4:12)
  • That no one person has more value than another. We should not show favoritism. Our value is in Him, not what the world sees or says about us, not our roles, not the way He uses us...but who we are in Him. God sees the heart. (James 2:1-4; Galatians 2:6)
  • That we should consider it joy when we face suffering (James 1:2 - 4) (Romans 5:3-4) .... not that we have to "like" it or "enjoy" it.... but to consider it joy because of Him who is holding us and will draw us close.... for the opportunity to glorify Him.... for what we will learn.... for the long term outcome... for the perserverance built which produces character which gives hope, which will never disappoint..... for how He will use it for our good.
  • That we are not to repay evil for evil. We must overcome evil with good (Romans 12:17,21)
  • That there will always be opposition & persecution of the Church while we are here on earth.... that true world peace won't come until His return.
  • That the Bible stories are true, real and relative --- Jesus knew them to be true and believed them to be real. The prophets, Sodom Gomorrah, Jonah, Noah, Daniel, Adam & Eve, Joseph, Moses, on and on and on. (Matthew 22:40; 24:15, Luke 17:26, Matthew 19:4, Matthew 10:15, Matthew 12:40)
  • That there is only one way to God....that Jesus IS the way, truth and life and nobody comes to the Father but through Him. That after Jesus.... TRUTH now = Jesus.... Truth is no longer anything but Jesus - how He lived, died & lives (John 14:6)

Come to think of it.... the world thinks these are foolish but what we do as the Body believe? What do our lives show we believe? Do we as believers believe these things to be foolish or wise? Does the Church preach these messages? or are we getting way off track? Do we even desire to live based on these foundational messages? or just talk about them? Do we live seeking wisdom or base our lives on foolish notions? Is it enough to believe these things to be wise? Or should we desire to live them out in actions? Will we make them relevant to our lives today? Or do we believe they were just good preaching for "back then"?


jeleasure said...

I have not read your blog, I just skimmed over it. First, let me say I will be praying for your father and the success of his surgery and for comfort in his surgery and recovery.
I'll read your blog when I get a chance. I've just been trying to make my job work out. They keep toying with the schedual and it has been disruptive.

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed :) I've posted the questions on my blog and my email address so you can send me your answers.

satire and theology said...
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satire and theology said...

I pray now for your Father and healing in Jesus' name.

'That we are not to repay evil for evil. We must overcome evil with good (Romans 12:17,21).'

This is a struggle I have as I sometimes think I have been wronged in life and want justice which can lead to evil actions, but I must seek Christ and his goodness and express it to others.

jeleasure said...

Hi Randi Jo,
I have finally read your blog.
This is an impressive list of foolishness you've listed.

I think I remember some of the scoffing I did toward people who lived a life of love. In some way, I remember that what I felt was that these people were weak minded. But, then I learned the difference between weak and meak. Not the same.
I read somewhere that meakness is "strength under control".

the_thinking_frog said...

Greetings Randi Jo,

In this review of elements that are important for "pleasing God" you have identified some items that we as a church work diligently to avoid. Why is that we become alarmed when we face persecution, trials, and tribulations?

The key for me is to make sure that I am not bringing these on myself because of my conduct and attitude but rather because people are seeing Jesus in me.

Joyfully Serving,

Randi Jo :) said...

thanks so much you all! :) I think I responded to each of you via email - but wanted to say

Kermit loved that addition there too!

WE shouldn't offend. Our personalities shouldn't offend. Our actions shouldn't offend. Let Jesus offend to those that think He & His Message are offense --- let us love.

kathy said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers - sending warm wishes from across the miles