Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Pleases God - Part 8

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Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrificies, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship
Romans 12:1

He died for us. The ultimate sacrifice given to God on our behalf.

He died for us - we should desire to live for Him.

By allowing the Holy Spirit to live & work with us - we become joined to The Body and can be His Body here on earth.

This sacrifice of self mentioned here is not in the form of physical martyrdom - but sacrifice of the mind & heart. To stop looking for and leaning on any man-made understanding. To let go of all our idols --- An idol being anything that has control of our heart that is not God.

Sacrifice is hard... but I know that He's worth whatever sacrifice I have to endure. The sweet fulfilling satisfaction of His presence, His love and knowing I'm in His will makes any sacrifice worth making.

It's hard as we struggle to give Him control of our thoughts, our mind, our hearts and to direct them --- it's a new pattern of living that puts our will & desires aside and goes to God FIRST and asks what HIS will & desire would be.

To be one in mind & heart with Him. To refuse to live separate from Him. To include Him in all parts of our lives.

Most of my life has been lived to avoid pain. To avoid mistakes. Most every decision I have ever made was to play it safe so I wouldn't be sorry.

I'm ready to live.

God has been pouring into me for so long and I know He is asking me to truly live for Him. I feel like a once-caged bird ready to soar. I am so ready to live in the freedom of trusting in Him and Him alone. God help me make a radical royal mess as I desire to passionately live for you... and then clean it up God. If I have to make mistakes God - let it be because I didn't hold anything back God. Take away my worry about being sorry --- because I'm safe in you! If I could only let go of the things I hold so tightly --- you would take them, fix them, heal them and give them back to me more beautiful and complete than I ever could have done on my own. Take my life & let it be.

God - set me afire. Help me truly live. Help me worship you with my life.


kathy said...

Thanks for the post! We've been busy moving, remodeling, painting, installing wooden floors, homeschooling, etc. I needed the r & r to sit and read your blog


jeleasure said...

Hi Randi,
Interesting that you would use words such as "royal mess". James describes the life of a Christian as one which is lived under the "royal law". The "royal law" is the love that comes from sanctification.

You seem to me to be as Oswald Chambers, always reaching for a closer walk with the Lord. Congratulations. That is a characteristic of someone who really wants to be used by the Lord as you put yourself aside.