Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautitudes with the Church

A few weeks back we met with some of the Church at the ocean and talked about the beautitudes together.  Brandon (hubby) has always given reference to the beautitudes being read as a spiritual "process" if you will -  that we continually go through.  I loved reflecting on that together.  This was my take away:

Even in our mourning we can celebrate!! When we mourn over our spiritual poverty/sin [matthew 5:3-4] we can celebrate in thanks that we have the convicter to make us aware of our sin.  Then we can rejoice because our conviction does not lead to condemnation [Rom 8:1] - it leads to purification! [I John 1:9] ♥ and we can stay hope-filled because the same One who convicts is the same who will comfort [2 Cor 1:4]... The Cross is the reason for all the celebration! Because of these reasons - our mourning & our sin now lead us CLOSER to God... we can run TOWARD Him in our sin rather than hiding in shame. 

Thank you Jesus! I praise you!

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