Monday, April 20, 2009

What keeps you going?

wanted to share this from the Touchpoint Bible:

Jeremiah 15:16
Isaiah 8:16
Job 23:11-12

Our bodies originated in the soil of Eden. It should not surprise us that they are sustained by food that grows from the soil. Every source of food ultimately finds its nourishment in the soil, and that nourishment sustains our bodies.

Likewise, our souls were created by the breath of God in Eden; it should not surprise us that the Word of God, which is inspired, or "God breathed," sustains our souls. If we plan to eat food each day to keep our body alive, shouldn't we also plan to feast on God's Word each day to sustain our soul?

From the TouchPoint Bible (Tyndale House), p 649

I pray for God to give me such a thirst for His Word....

I also pray that He helps me recognize nourishment from Him throughout the day which isn't directly from me sitting & meditating & abiding in His Word. That He gives me wisdom & discernment to know what is from Him and to thank Him for it...

His nourishment does come in so many forms *thank you minnow for this reminder*....

But however you say it.... turning to Him and praising Him for the nourishment is what I desire. Not to turn to food, works, temporary pleasures or other self-dependent 'retreats' but turning to Him and asking Him for nourishment... then praising & thanking Him for it as He gives me sustaining refreshment & rejuvenation.

P.S. and to make it even more confusing... I also believe that sometimes God will nourish me through a 'retreat' that could be seen as a self-dependent retreat.... but the difference is in my heart. It's not so much the action.... but that I ran to Him and recognized I needed Him.... asked Him for it... spent time with Him as He gave it to me..... and then thanked & praised Him for it :)


Anonymous said...

Randi--Have you ever wondered if other people's "words" are inspired by God the way scripture has been? Pushing the envelop, Minnow

Randi Jo :) said...

I think I see what you're getting at minnow --- it's in response to:

"and that He & His Word alone would be what I turn to"...


I see what you're getting at..... that statement of mine isn't entirely accurate because God gives us many other "ways" of nourishing us... besdies His presence & His Word... for one, He gives us friends & loved ones to have faith for us when ours is weak. To encourage us, challenge us, LOVE us... which all nourishes... but I guess I'd just "argue" that all those things come from Him.... so although they take different forms... they are all from Him. So to make it even more confusing -- EVERYTHING good is from Him so no need to write anything else other than Him haha.

BUT He did give us each other and I am extremely relational. We are meant & designed to be part of THE Body, in community... designed for relationship --- and so I will go back and change it a bit :)

Cuz He is so clear that we need others. I really am thankful that God made us so relational. And we know that it's a passion God has truly been instilling in me. A passion for relationships & The Body! :)

THANKS for that challenge that the wording wasn't right...

if that's what you were saying... and if not thanks for saying it anyway cuz the Spirit spoke :)

so that answers ur question :)

Caezar said...

All i got to say is in agreement with you Randi, is one word..."ABIDING"... true nourishment beyond our understanding is found in abiding in Yahweh and i do agree that to abide in him is simply to lavish our minds/ thoughts upon his word. Everything to do with Him and His things; and all is found in his word. Just thought of John 15:3-10. Branch and vine.

When we are well nourished we bare fruit. the fathers wish, desire, dream and purpose for us that we bare fruit to the glory of His name.(15:8) All through his word (15:7).

Man i just want to say i love Him so much for giving us his word. I some times cant believe the person i am now ever since that day i believed in His word, and to think there is so much more years for me to be nourished and transformed in this earth by His word. Thank you Jesus and do so much more in me and through me than you have ever before. This my prayers for all my siblings in Christ as well (that includes you the reader).

Well be blessed all of you in and only through J.C. who is more than able.(Ephesians 3:20-21).

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts. I was actually wondering if other writing, other words (prophecy), from other people could be as inspired by God as the scripture is thought to be. I guess I was stirred by the Parchment and Pen blog and some comments that suggested that once scripture was cannonized (4th Century)nothing else would be added to what He had to say despite the passage of time and changes in culture. The original post was dealing with spiritual gifts, especially the gift of healing, and suggested it wasn't available for today--the gifts stopped just like God adding to scripture stopped. Anyway, I like what you added and don't find it confusing.

Randi Jo :) said...

oh wow Minnow I have no clue about either of those opinions... on the spiritual gifts or inspired scripture/words stopping or continuing.... you keep me posted on what *you* find out :)

Anonymous said...

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