Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blog note

Oh my sweet blog,
I don't know what to do with you. I love you. I love how fast I can type my thoughts out compared to handwriting. I love how many memories are in these words on this blog. I love reading back through different seasons and journeys God has taken me on in the past 3 years.

But then I look back at some of my old posts and I'm like WOW WOW WOW I do not agree with this post anymore at ALL. And what's the point of this blog anyway? I don't want to talk/write anymore as much as I want to LIVE OUT what I've learned and all He has done.

but I DO want to continue to practice writing and have that release which I know is soo good for me to have this special place where I can retreat to away from the kiddos & household duties.

So do I just keep the blog up for history sake? Do I take down old posts that I don't agree with anymore? Should I just keep on writing in my regular journal and stay off the internet for awhile? (Even though I can barely read my regular journal since my handwriting is so horrendous). Or should I start back writing all that He is up to?

I don't know. :) That's all....

we'll see what God says


Mercedes said...

Hi Randi,

Personally and from a selfish point of view, I hope and pray that you continue to share your journey with us and writing about how the Lord is directing your steps.

I do know however that you will be obedient to the voice of the Lord alone, and that you will follow his lead and nobody else's.

If you do decide to stop blogging, please keep in touch.

Also, I would not delete previous posts if I was you. You may not think the things you wrote in previous posts, but those writings reflect your growth and where you have come from as well as what it took to take you where you are now, so for those reading it is a great hope and encouragement.

With love and prayers,

Mercedes, your sister in Christ.

Randi Jo :) said...

Thanks Mercedes - you are so encouraging. I hope I can get on here and write more. God certainly is pressing on our hearts and it's beautiful (and frustrating for my flesh impatient self) to see how He is moving. I am truly thankful for how beautiful *simple, slow* growth is. In a church and in people. I'd rather have slow, true, inner change... than showy, inauthentic, only on the outside-change any day - in me, in a church fellowship, wherever! :)

Thanks also for the encouragement to keep up the old posts. I will :) I will try to get on here and blog more - I have soo much to say but just don't have the energy/time I want to be able to do it. hope you are well and you had a graet vacation!!! :)

keep in touch!!!! :) and thanks again