Sunday, April 21, 2013


I just finished the devotional, Jesus Calling.  I read along every day for a year straight and it was such a blessing to me.  I think the best seed God planted in my heart through it was how important it is to really keep my heart open to hearing His voice in the scriptures.  When I read the Bible now, I do listen for His message to me underneath what I'm reading.

As I sat and thought about the devotional, He kept pressing on me this word, "breathe".  One of my best girl friends and I (and my mom too!) always encourage each other with this word in times of stress.  " step at a time... breathe" are common texts between us.  I kept thinking about the breath of life God breathed into Adam.... and as I sat meditating on this, I do feel the Lord gave me a message for my friend that is intensely struggling right now.... and for my own heart as well.  Here is what I typed and gave to her:


I am the source & sustainer of your life.  

When I breathed into Adam the breath of life (Gen 2:7) it was a foreshadowing of the plan I had prepared for my children.

John 20:22 …He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”…

For you (my daughter) every breath you take physically is a reminder of the sustaining I am giving to your soul moment by moment.

When you feel my presence and when you don’t…when you feel fully alive and when you feel lifeless – I am sustaining you, always! You are alive and you will be breathing for eternity! I am keeping your faith life intact and always will,!

I don’t want you to worry about how many breaths you will take on this earth.  In fact, don’t think about that at all.  I know exactly every breath you will take on this earth. I don’t want you to know.  

Instead, let every breath you take be a reminder to you that you are one breath closer to seeing me face to face.  You are one breath closer to being fully enclosed in the shadow of my wings , fully healed, fully satisfied.  Let that hope encourage your soul & give you the fuel necessary to focus on the present moment you are breathing in.

You can’t see me face to face yet… but my children at any time can be still and know that it is my breath they are breathing and that closeness will give the peace & love that is needed to take one step forward. 

Just like I don’t give you ALL the air you will need for the rest of your life at any given moment, I will only give you what you need (peace, joy, strength) one moment at a time. So focus on right now.  Don’t allow anxiety to enter as you compare what you have now to what may or may not be ahead.   It’s true, you don’t have enough for what is ahead – but don’t be fooled – you don’t need anymore than what you have right now! And when you get to the next moment, you will have enough then, too.

Every time you are full of dread, fear or heartache and find yourself saying, “breathe” – know that that moment, too, is a gift from me!

When you are nudging yourself to just “breathe” - that is my spirit in you drawing your attention back to the sustainer of your life.  It is me reminding you how close I am to you – so close that I am not only right here with you – but it is MY breath of life in you. 

So fill those lungs my child!!  Have grace for yourself every time you lose focus and praise me for the tough times because when all you can do is “breathe” then all you are doing is focusing on me!

I have great plans for you my child and through each moment, my breath of life in you will be sustaining you. 

Breathe and know that I am God and you are mine!


Jim Puntney said...

Randi, this post is priceless!

Randi Jo :) said...

Thank you! so much Jim for your encouragement. I really felt when writing this that it was a gift from the Lord to my heart and to my friend's as well. The words didn't feel like they originated with me. I am sure you know how much of a blessing it is to be used. Better to give than to receive! :) Have a beautiful day!!