Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Urgency Paradox

I really do feel such an urgency!  After a temporary “taking away” this past year - my body, brain & speech have been returned to me!  Now, I want to do all I can to proclaim Jesus’ name in action & words.  I want to appreciate what I’ve been given and do my best to use my body to serve, my brain to soak up God’s Word and time with Him so I can understand Him and His plan more, and my mouth to tell others what He has shown me and done for me.  I have been more outspoken the past few weeks than I have in a long time.  I do feel an urgency.  We don't know how long we are given, we have to seize the day.    I believe the time for the Church to rise up is NOW.  

But the urgency creates a tension.  When I ask the Lord about this tension, I sense confirmation that yes there *is* an urgency….but then the paradox enters and it feels like the familiar gift that God notoriously gives.   The radical paradox.   It’s like He is saying, “yes my child yes, there’s an urgency.   An urgency to follow me.  To obey completely what I’ve called you to do today”.     

“Ok Father” I cry out with tears in my eyes… “I hear you clearly.   There’s an urgency yes.  There’s an urgency…. to slow down”.  The paradox. 

Success is obedience.  Obedience is following.  Following is trusting.  Trusting is waiting. 

With my tendency to rush ahead & be impulsive, I am shocked that He has shown me all He has in His Word about the Church, about His plan about His kingdom.  He really thinks I can hold all this in and transform it into quiet service in my home!?    Well, He does enjoy doing the impossible.  

God help me have an urgency… to slow down and serve.   God help me have an urgency to give you my minutes.    Help me have an urgency to WAIT on you Lord and have faith for what I believe you can do from these quiet corners of my home and heart.

I am still very aware at how little I know…. I feel often that I know nothing at all……

but yet I KNOW…

I know that…
More of our babies are being killed every day while the people stand by having only “choice” to say. 

I know that…
Millions without clean water are dying while millions burdened with “stuff” simply keep dining.   

I know that… 
Lights camera action on goes the show while the poor and orphans it’s to the government they must go.

Jesus’ plan to provide relief hope and answers to the world is to work through His Body.  Please Lord let the Church shine again!  I love the Church so much God.  Please God free her!  Let it start with me.  I can’t be the Body Lord but I can be the hands.  Lord help me be your hands.

OH to truly BE the hands of Jesus.  It’s incredible to think of Jesus’ physical literal hands that He had on earth and that He still has now!  

Let me be His hands on earth just like His hands in heaven. 

Hands are amazingly strong and yet one of the weakest and most vulnerable parts of the Body.  His hands are wounded forever, yet healed.  Power-full yet gentle.  Hands accomplish much earthly good – but are always part of the Body that is focused on heavenly purposes.  They were created to benefit others and glorify the Lord.   The most impact-full work of the hands is probably not when they are lifted in praise but when they are reaching out to others – although both can be beautiful to the Lord.  Much of the hands work is mundane and tedious.  His hands touched and washed the unclean, dirty and lowest parts of His people literally and figuratively.  

Oh if only more were willing to be your hands Lord Jesus!   Let it start with me Lord. When I feel the urgency to preach Lord…. Help me preach to myself to be urgent to be your hands. God help me have an urgency to BE with you as your hands go wherever you are.

I long to be with you so much King Jesus.  I long to see you getting the honor & praise you deserve.  I long to see suffering end.  I long to see your True Church arise and turn from all that has enslaved her.  Help me take this spiritual focus and spiritual mindset you have given me and use it for fuel to do my earthly work.  I know this isn't my home. I am home sick - yet I have work to do. 

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