Sunday, April 1, 2007


Since there has been a bunch of "talk" about Rosie on some of my favorite blogs - I thought it was so ironic to open up my weekly email and see that this was one of their top 10 articles for the week:

I mean here's the thing: Is Rosie funny? YES
Is that what makes her so dangerous? YES!

Like my previous post...... the author of this article agrees it's SCARY that we get our NEWS from the Entertainers in the media! It's scary that the minds of future generations are influenced by biased entertainers! The most effective way to change a complete culture is to alter the minds of the youth (ask Stalin or Hitler that) - and the minds of the youth are under attack in this country!

Do I believe that all these secular progressives know what they are doing!!? NOO I seriously believe that SOME of them have NO clue what is going on - and just do what they FEEL is right . But here is what I know ---your personal satisfaction and ultimate happiness is not what life is about!! Sometimes the RIGHT decision isn't what makes YOU immediately and temporarily satisfied!!!!!! There is a MORAL code and it is NOT based on the happiness of the majority!!! It's based on the TRUTH from the ONE Creator who created it once!

I have a lot of friends that are secular-progressives --- and here's what I realized:

A lot of us all see the same problems - we just have different solutions! and I base my solutions (like the majority of traditionalists/conservatives do) on Judeo-Christian principles which are what this country is founded on. We LOVE what America IS and what it stands for - and are proud of it - but these progressives like Rosie think there is something inherently wrong with it. They want to change EVERYTHING about America to make it fit what THEY believe in. They are trying to create a new country, a new religion, a new moral code!!! SCARY STUFF!!!

Please God give me peace about this country that I have now born a son into. I am terrified for what the future might hold unless we get across to people that there IS a right or wrong - and it can't be changed because of a person's personal opinions. The Constitution is a 200 + year old document ---- you think YOU, Rosie, stand for what this country believes in more than this document which our founding fathers put together to be a timeless truth!??!!?

The majority of this country ARE traditionalists and love this country --- why do you pretend, ROSIE, that your opinion and the opinion of your HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS have more weight than an "average Jo"!?

I pray that this lady will drop to her knees and ask the Lord to fill her with Truth! I believe that anybody who truly seeks out the Truth will find it --- but I promise you it won't be found in the Media and it won't be based on an individual's personal immediate gratification!

and if she doesn't find out the truth and continues on her 'crusade against Christ' --- then my only words to her is that YOU ROSIE are helping to cause disUNITY in our UNITED States of America ---- If you don't like our country, then LEAVE and leave U.S. alone!!!! You have enough money to......



Susan said...

Randi, I don't watch a lot of the news or TV in general so I guess I don't truly know what you are speaking to of what she(rosie) has said lately. I do know I have absolutely no respect for the woman and as you already know I'd agree with your views about TV, the news and our Great Country that is losing its boundaries and guidelines based on Christianity.

Jeffrey said...

Thank you for your comment.
Best wishes to your baby.
I am from China.

Candy said...

I read this post yesterday but not sure what to say about Rosie...but I do totally agree with you!!