Friday, November 30, 2007


Speaking about love.....

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I highlighted the parts of the verse that are on my heart right now.

I think sometimes the best act of love is forgiveness. I like to think that I have become real good at forgiving others; probably because I mess up all the time and need a lot of forgivenes because I receive it so much, I know to give it a lot! I am pretty aware of my faults and weaknesses and I like to think this keeps me from being prideful in my relationships. I genuinely love people and I believe their intentions are good and having this optimistic thinking has really helped my relationships. When there's a question, I just assume the person didn't intend to be offensive and I am usually right. I think to always give a person the benefit of the doubt is one of the best people skills I was taught. If you really feel offended -- ask the person to clarify what they are saying. Most likely, there was a miscommunication and things were heard or read the wrong way! Miscommunication is the #1 reason for strained relationships. We "hear" so much more than what is really said!!

or maybe the person has lots of issues going on in their lives, they are just a mess and took it out on the wrong person... their blow up at you might not be really against you at all --- and that might have been a perfect opportunity to witness to this person and show love and forgiveness even when you've been wronged!!

Do you give people the benefit of the doubt? Or do you read into what they are saying to you and assume they are trying to be offensive to you? Do you automatically assume the worst of people? If you are offended by somebody, do you tell them directly or no?

There are some people I have crossed paths with - that absolutely just don't forgive and always assume the worst in my words. We simply don't "click". I can honestly say there are only probably about 5 people in my whole 24 years on earth that this has happened to... and most of the time it's people I've only had very little or no face to face interaction with at all (one I remember is a swim coach I had once... but the rest were only on message boards, my mom's groups, phone calls, and quick face to face interactions). These people won't talk out differences and don't try to see things from others point of views.. they just simply either ignore the problem and think less of you as a person.... automatically using their judgements against you (even if they aren't right)....or they just banish you from their life all together.

Neither of those 'solutions' are healthy or what God would want us to do... in my opinion.

When somebody has done you wrong (or better yet, when you THINK you have been wronged or when you FEEL wronged), and you get hurt and simply ignore the problem, you are putting a deadstop on the relationship. The relationship will not be able to grow or deepen without dealing with the issue. You have left a huge hole in the connection you had and it wil eventually get broken down. There is a verse about this... how when you and a brother have a difference, even if you're in the middle or worshipping - go to him and work it out.... but I can't remember the verse.. ANybody!?!

When you don't try to work things out, you are showing that person, their point of view is not worthy of your attention, and you are showing them they are not worthy of your friendship anymore. It is a selfish act, a prideful act. You are not showing love at all. I know that people make this decision thinking they are protecting themselves from future pain... but the opposite effect will happen. Unresolved issues eat away at you.

There are times where the 2 people do talk and work out their problems and at least try to see each other's points of view....and their relationship still ends. but that's okay. Sometimes people were not meant to be a long term relationship in our lives. What matters though is that you loved them even when you felt wronged.

It is very very very easy to love somebody when they are always good to you, when things are great in your relationship. But what made Jesus truly different and incredible was that He loves/loved people who wronged Him bigtime. He loved when it was NOT easy!! Love and relationships can be hard!! just like life!

So.... that is what was on my heart today. I was just thinking about love from my last post... what love really is... and forgiveness was just so big on my heart. The fact that Jesus sees all my ugly horrible sin and forgives me for it is just incredible! He loves me when it isn't easy!!

So for all the broken relationships I have out there - I hope I have done my part to continue to love, forgive and accept the person. Whether they will love me back, is not up to me. and I want my heart to be okay with that.

I hope you can say the same! :)

Have a great weekend! What are you all doing!??! Anything fun planned!??!?! :)


Candy-Faith said...

Another awesome post. Thanks for always sharing your heart. You are young (younger than me I mean ;) but yet you are so wise!
I really appreciate reading what you have to say, it encourages me to continue on and reminds me of always trying to do my best in my Christian walk.
Regarding this post.. I have to say Im a forgiver. I cant hold onto things even if I wanted...Im too forgetful LOL Besides that, when your reading the Bible everyday, you will feel very convicted if you hold a grudge. I just cant do it. if we dont forgive, its like poision. The older I get, Im always thinking about the fact that God can come back at any second..seems to always be on my mind.. And I guess I want to be ready so thats why I try so hard to live the way He wants me to live my time on this earth..
Anyways, Im ramblin :) Great post!

A Note From Theresa said...

Randi, If you have an email could you please email me at

I think you missed understood me and I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. I just want to let you know that I was not being mean to you.

Randi :) said...

hey Theresa!

I am not upset at all -- I just knew that since nobody really saw exactly how I worded the question when I asked Candy.... it may have been misunderstood! If somebody who wasn't close to me asked me a question like that I might think they were being nosy/condescending/etc.

I didn't think you were being mean or anything --- but just in case you had even a little bit of the wrong impression, I wanted to clear it up!! No worries on my end! :)

have a great night - hope to visit your blog again soon!

- Randi - :)

P.S. this blog entry had nothing to do with u --- it was posted way before candy's was hahaha