Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting out of a funk Friday

I am definitely NOT going to do this every Friday at all - I just had to add Friday in the title because... well it's Friday and it flows well.

I have been trying to write down some practical steps that I've been doing the last week that help get me out when I'm in one of my 'down seasons' of life. I went through a bit of a funk there for a while --- not because I was struggling by any means.... but I guess what I mean by that is just out of rhythm? Maybe that makes sense. Just not taking care of myself physically.... not spending my time wisely... and that affects so many other areas - mental, emotional, relational, spiritual.

These little changes in my day absolutely without fail help get me kickstarted out of a funk. Usually funks are during the winter when I've gained weight, am inside all the time and cold.... but they happen all throughout the year. So in no particular order:

a) drink lots and lots of water. I don't get it... but when I drink lots of water I feel so good about myself. When I'm in one of my funks I barely drink any water. Sometimes I set a goal to drink water bottles.... but then I get sick of those (and they're bad for the environment or something) so then I make a goal to fill up my glass at least 5 times in a day full of lots and lots of ice, slices of lemon and water!

b) Get outside. If it's cold - bundle up. Sit out on the porch for 5 minutes. Go for a 10 minute walk. Go for a run. Go to the park. Go to the beach. Get outside!

c) Wake up before Raymond & Brandon. Get your day started before the boys are up, ready to face the day. Coffee with Bible, book, prayer, hanging out, whatever. Just get up!

d) My new favorite thing thanks to CrossWinds Chris Pratt..... Costco sells 6 heads of romaine lettuce for $3!! Woah. How can you eat salad & drink lots of water and not feel healthy (healthier?)... hehe.... at least to know you're on your way to being healthier & slimmer :).... So I've been buying those, washing & drying them putting them in those green bags that MomMom gave us and munching on those throughout the day. Love it!!

e) Listen to music throughout the day

f) rearrange your daily schedule / cleaning schedule --- get out of the rut/ routine

g) clean out a closet or two and give lots of things away :)

h) play the piano or make something beautiful

So there you have it! :) So the next time I tell anybody that I'm just 'down' or in a funk --- these are not the cure all -- but these are the first steps I need to take no matter how much I want to stay in my pj's... not go outside.... and eat junk all day! :)

Of course above all else HE is the one who gets me out of my funks spiritually but these are steps He has helped me realized work for ME to get all other areas of my life lined up with the spiritual. All parts of us are connected so much aren't they? Spiritual, physical, mental, relational, emotional, our surroundings.. anyway just rambling! :) have a great weekend!!!

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