Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wild Goose Chase, School, Wonder

While I was volunteering at the high school today (they needed proctors for testing) I was able to read Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. It was a really fast read and really touching. I really encourage anybody/everybody to read it! Many parts of it were completely applicable to what is going on in my life right now.

The most interesting part of the whole experience to me this morning at the school was the Spirit really confirming to me to be thankful for all God has done in my life since high school. I felt Him comforting me that I was not the same person I was in high school (thank you God) and reminded me just how much healing has taken place in such a short time. Even though it wasn't my high school I visited... walking through the halls - the smells were the same, noises and expressions on the faces all the same.... it brought back many memories of who I was in high school and the mistakes I made and others made to me. All I could do was thank God for getting me out of high school mostly unharmed/un-scarred for life. I thank Him so much for how He has changed me and is changing me.

I was reading in passages in Wild Goose Chase that were all about letting God out of the boxes we put Him in:....we are so trapped by our own logic...we limit everything in life, including God to what we can comprehend in our cerebral cortex, so we have cages of assumptions..... The more assumptions we have, the smaller our cages are...The TRUTH is, the smartest people are actually the ones who make the FEWEST assumptions.... One of the most dangerous assumptions we can make, is assuming we know more than we really do..... At some point in life, we stop asking questions & start making assumptions.

Faith is not logical. It's not illogical - it's theological. It does not ignore reality, it just adds God into the equation. Faith is not mindless ignorance; it simply refuses to limit God to the logical constraints of the left brain. Logic questions God. Faith questions assumptions. Faith is trusting God more than you trust your own assumptions.

and the whole time, I'm thinking God has such a sense of humor!! Because here I am reading all these passages and letting my mind & heart & Spirit expand and be open and I'm sitting in the very place that I believe is the major cause of thinking that is limited, logical only & predictable.

As I read, I thought to myself.... when do we change? What takes us from believing in limitless possibilities when we are chidren to thinking with only logical constraints? What takes us from wonder to concrete answers only? and then I almost busted out laughing (good thing I didn't get the giggles like I used to) when I looked around and realized I was in the very place that is one of the primary tools society uses to socialize our children to move from childlike faith to predictable logic. I really believe our schools are the primary teaching of this trained thinking of logic, limited possibilities, concrete answers. Learning to think in those ways are important too. It's a skill that is good to learn..... BUT there is no balance in our curriculum. There are no classes to help us protect our heart. There are no classes that help us have childlike faith. There are very few classes that open our minds & hearts to possibilities.

One of the biggest blessings, best gifts God has given me is childlike wonder, excitement and curiosity. I'm a dreamer. I'm an eternal optimistic. I had to tame all of those qualities down to succeed in school. I had to push all that down to fit into adulthood... but as I sat there today, I just chuckled inside at how I've come full circle. Now that I am out of formal education --- I feel like I can finally start growing and learning what life is really about.

Some of my high school friends dedicated the song, "I hope you dance" to me as 'my song'... and one of the lyrics is, "may you never lose your sense of wonder". whenever I see this picture of Raymond running full steam to the ocean one morning at the beach --- that's what I think of.

May we never cease to wonder at all God has done, has created, is doing, is creating, will do and will create. May we never forget the first time we came in contact with the Spirit. May we always remember the first time we felt the full brunt, pain, humiliation, shame, guilt of our own sin... and then the freedom as it was cast from our shoulders to our Savior's.


Katrina said...

This is so, so well written, Randi Jo! I really enjoyed reading it and I love how you describe wonder in your last paragraph. The picture of your little guy is absolutely priceless. I'm a bit of a dreamer, too. I dream big and then often get disappointed with this less than perfect world. It's just so fun to dream though, that I guess I'll never stop and I don't want to either! :o)

Anonymous said...

I loved this Randi, what an inspirational post to keep hold of that child-like wonder, that faith in our God with Whom "all things are possible!" Matt.19:26.
God has been speaking to me a lot about faith recently, so this has been a blessing, thank you!

Randi Jo :) said...

thanks girls !:) love ya. hope you're having a beautiful day

Randi Jo :) said...

thanks girls !:) love ya. hope you're having a beautiful day

Toia said...

I love what you said about how we limit God with our own logic. And that is so true. Sometimes we can't accept what is. We have to know the what, when, how, where, and why. We have to know all the details in order to make sense of some things.

God said it himself....His thoughts and His ways are much higher than ours. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

PS - Please forgive me but I forgot to mention that you have another award. I gave it to you about 2 days ago...Ooops :)

babyfordawn1983 said...

LOL this is too funny! I just posted a blog that ouched on parts of your blog and I read your blog after writing my own.

God has really been speaking to me lately and I think this is the first time I am really listening to Him. He is coming to me in my dreams, reassuring me that everything is going to be ok. He come to me in my car while I am driving and worshipping Him through song. He says to me that it is ok for me to worship Him that way.

I am going through so many emotions through this season in my life but somehow He is keeping me form exploding out and having a emotional melt down. He knwos exactly what to feed me and when so I can handle it all.

This is such an awesome time for me right now and I know that is kind of weird saying knowing what I am going through but He does nothing but gives us blessings. Some of them are noticeable but most of them are hidden and it is our mission to find those hidden blessing because I feel those are where we learn the most about ourselves.

Maybe you prompting in that room was His way of telling you its ok to have your childlike wonder. Because without it, you wouldn't be Randi!

OK I know I just wrote a book! LOL Sorry! love ya!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Public or Christian high school? I think what you wrote is even more true in the latter (based on what several of my friends who have sent their children to Christian school have said). Anyway, we do need to encourage our children to keep asking questions--of themselves and of God.

Rebekah said...

I love this last paragraph! I needed to read this. Love ya!