Wednesday, January 28, 2009

P.S. from last post

2 things to add onto yesterday's post

1) I need to tag on another thanks from my last post. Sometimes I forget to thank my hubby and write about all that he has done for me... mostly because we're a WE. I feel like we truly are one, that's he a part of me.... so that even when I write, it's us writing so I forget to mention him as well.....

Shelby put it best when she said:
God has given you a beautiful gift in your husband. To learn about God's love through him. When I didn't really understand God's love for me, God told me to view His love the same way I viewed my husband's love. Whenever he did something sweet, I sat in that sweetness, soaked it up and then I brought God into those feelings and shared them with Him. Husbands are great bridges.

and it's so true. Brandon is one of the most merciful, peaceful men I've ever known and has this great ability to throw His burdens and guilt onto Jesus and never think of them again. All of these changes really came about out of my desire to become more like him in these areas. B is able to hand out mercy, patience & love and deal with guilt in such a healthy way because He had received all that from God.

So thank you God so much for Brandon. Where I am weak, he is strong and vice versa and I know that's a perfect gift from you, our Savior.

2) When I was thinking more about this specific lesson and what God has shown me... I realized how far He's brought me.

I went from:

a) look (mommy & hubby) how much I'm reading the Bible and spending time with God and how much He is changing me, aren't you proud of me?


b) look (God) how much I'm reading the Bible and spending time with you and allowing you to change me..... aren't you proud of me?


c) I trust that you love me God and that I have your approval. God I am so proud to be yours. You are so worthy, I just want to be with you.

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