Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday moon

This is my 3rd post of the day --- but I just can't resist!! haha

I just can't resist typing sometimes! I couldn't resist post # 2 during Raymond's nap because when that song came on my playlist --I felt this need all of a sudden to just shout and jump and just literally run to Jesus! I wanted to ask Him..."Jesus was it worth it!? What are you feeling right now!? Isn't the victory of being with God again, at His right hand so so so sweet!? Is the price you paid worth all the victory you feel now!!?!? I want to see you shining! Jesus show me how you victoriously reign right now!" ..... I do boast in Him and His victory! I love telling Him that I know that He is victorious!... and I know He sees my heart and my intentions and I know He loves that I love Him! :)

My quiet times just me and Him are my most favorite moments. They literally are what keeps me going....but the social aspect of me (and I can be a very social extravert) - wants to connect with others as well over our common love and pride in Christ!! I love that the internet can get us that connection during the week! but I know that not everybody will understand my personality or intentions in my praise - so please just use the grocery store approach on my blog. Take what you want - leave everything else but still love me!! :)

Another beautiful thing about this blog is that I can "run out into the streets and shout" His name in "public" and just exclaim praises to Him and just totally boast in Him and who He is---- unlike in "real" life. Because I just can't see myself standing in the middle of my yard or the grocery story or at the park today singing and praising God. In "real life" I just have to show my love for God by who I am, by the mercy and love and patience I have with others and the beauty that I allow Him to draw out of me. Imagine what heaven will be like though - when we can proudly and boldly praise God and not have to worry if there is non-believers who won't understand our worship...we won't have to worry about judgement from others or anything else that we worry about now. We can just praise Him!!! What do you think it will be like!??!?! I look forward to my eternal home so much. Does anybody else have an extroverted sanguine personality like mine that makes you literally feel like you will bust if they don't just get OUT what you are feeling sometimes!? Is there anybody at all who can relate to me?!

I'm so thankful for the ability to praise Him! I am so thankful for the ability to share with others my praises for Him on the internet! I bet the devil hates it - but I love it. So that is why I couldn't resist post # 2.

And finally for what I really wanted to post real quick in this post # 3 ----- if anybody gets the chance tonight - go look at that beautiful moon!! Brandon and I were just watching the NCAA tournament (GO Tarheels!) and I peeked outside and shouted WOW Brandon look at that moon (such a sanguine to get excited and giddy over a full moon)...and then Brandon even got excited because he was like woah woah woah - look it's making a cross! And it really was! I had never seen that before in my life!! We kept trying to figure out what was doing it - we opened the glass door thinking the glass was making a weird reflection --- we kept moving and turning off lights and finally Brandon said oh wait it's probably the screen (we have a screened porch on the back --- duh) and so he opened the screen door and the cross was gone....but isn't that awesome?! It made the most perfect cross! God really speaks to me through nature - and I really read "signs" like this to be Him speaking to me.

I love God, I love His creations and I love YOU right where you are right now!! :) Have a wonderful Resurrection weekend!


carebear said...

I totally believe in "signs" from God...especially those in nature! I think those are just the little ways he let's us know he is still with us...watching out for us. Always makes me smile!

carebear said...

Oops...I posted the same thing twice. That's why you have a deleted comment. :)