Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Next 4 Entries

I am about to post 4 entries in the next 4 days, that have been building up in me for a long time. I continue to learn lessons about relationships, love, and mercy and after my pastor’s sermon last week and reading Melanie’s most recent post, I knew it was time. I feel “the nudge” so here comes a LOT of words from my heart! I’m going to be breaking it into 4 different entries. They will be called:
1. Forgiven, Redeemed, Freed!
2. Love & Forgiveness in Relationships
3. Mercy & Love not Condemnation
4. These Relationship Truths applied to Marriage.

So many of my friends and I (my "real life" friends and blog friends) are learning about love. Maybe because Valentine's Day has just passed us --- and Easter just around the corner, that's just the themes that God has been laying on our hearts ---forgiveness, love, relationships. I sent out another one of my long emails to my cousin Christa about this topic and she was just blown away how the exact same lessons were on her heart. God does that, doesn’t He? He gives us each other and directs us to certain themes – and then helps us clarify lessons, give our own perspective and interpretation on His Truth in our daily lives….God is so good.

I want to start by saying that I can't take credit for these next entries, just like I can’t take credit for anything on my blog! I basically just soak up everything --- The Bible, sermons at church, my husband’s words, books, tapes, Christian radio, my mom, your blogs!!! and turn around and write down what these lessons mean to me, how they apply to my life. Soo I don’t want anybody thinking I pat myself on the back because of what I’m learning. I absolutely know that these are God’s lessons, that He is just allowing me to learn. He is the Creator of all Truth, I just spit it back out and share how the Truth fits into my daily life and where I’m at on my journey. I give credit to God to anything that is Truthful or good that comes out of me.

So here we go!!! And by the way – I won’t be upset if nobody reads these entries, I know they are going to be really really really long because I am so so so so so full – it will just feel good to get them out, don’t feel you HAVE to read and comment on them! It’s okay!!!!


Toia said...

Oh, Randi, my how God is using you so mightily through these words. I love the second paragraph about how unforgiveness blocks us off from having a relationship God and how you said you are not ashamed of all the wrongs you've done, of how much you need Jesus, etc. My spirit is stirred up!!

A lot of people are going to be set free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

Toia said...

Ooops! This was suppose to go on post 1 of 4 about forgiveness. So I going to do a quick copy and paste to the correct one. :)