Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

"Everybody" has been telling me to read this book, The Shack. I can't wait!! I'm asking hubby and/or MomMom to get it for me as an Easter present! Has anybody read it yet?

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday - when Jesus entered into Jerusalem - one week before His glorious Resurrection. What some recognize as the high point in Jesus' live, this triumphant entry was really not the big picture high point of His life as we all know now. In the flesh, yes this entry was the highest tide in his life. I am sure He enjoyed this moment... being recognized as the Messiah, praised for what He was/is... Hosanna, the Savior. He had fulfilled all the expectations of the Messiah up to that point... it was a triumphant entry. But Jesus would turn everything upside down after this point. As with all of our lives...the only direction to go from the highest high in our down.

The Truth and the way the Truth unfolded in the resulting days of His life on earth...was not what all expected or planned for. What eventually became the high and most glorious point of His life, was not this triumphant earthly recognition of who He was.... but instead it was His torture and crucifixion, the lowest valley of His earth life. Our earthly lows/struggles/battles in the same way, can be God-glorifying highs in the long term, because of God's power in us. What we do during our lows speaks eternally....if we continue to praise God during the storm...that is where our most glorious moments are. If we pray to be obedient no matter our circumstances even when things are going totally against what we 'planned'... there is our victory. Christ was obedient, and because of what He was willing to endure...there is victory for me and you...His light can shine through us no matter our circumstances! He has conquered all our earthly struggles!!!!!

Praise God!!


melanie said...

LOVE Hillsong United and this song is a fav! Thank you for sharing! Rueben Morgan (another Hillsong leader) ~ does a great job with this song as well!)

Robin said...

Yes, loved The Shack, powerful message.