Friday, March 21, 2008

Worthy is The Lamb!!!

The song Worthy is the Lamb by Hillsong came on my playlist and I am just BURSTING with praise for God! I would post a video here but the only videos are of The Passion of the Christ movie and instead of those visions, although I did spend time watching them early this morning --- instead I want everybody to envision God as He is now!

So if you feel so inclined --- click on that song on my playlist on the bottom and praise Him! Dance for him, just listen and focus on Him - sing to Him...jump for Him! Raise your hands and feel His embrace!! He is victorious!! Today we commemorate His suffering - but I can't focus on that long because I can't stop thinking about what we celebrate on Sunday!! HE is victorious! He is alive!!!!! He defied everything! He is at the right hand of God!!!!! Give Him all the praise He deserves!!!

Praise God!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! THANK YOU for the price you paid!!! I praise you Jesus - The king of Kings! Lord of Lords! THE Savior THE Redeemer!! As as you sit at the right hand of God - may you take pleasure in us - the people you have saved - worshipping you and acknowledging you for who you are!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!

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