Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Articles/Thoughts on Wealth

My opinion on christians & wealth is that just like everything else it's between us and God. We can't judge others and say things like, they shouldn't be living in that big of a house or have that type of watch or have that type of tv.... because that is just based on what *we* feel is flashy --- but it's all proportionate and we all spend our money differently. How do you know that that person isn't actually just really really wealthy and donates 90% of their money to orphans in Africa? All of us in North America are WAY WAY more rich than the rest of the world so really the rest of the world could look at us and tell us how materialistic we are for having lots of electronics, houses with our own bedrooms, even running water much less all the other STUFF we have....... so that's why it hurts when I heard some Christians putting a cap on how we should live. It's okay to be 'above' the middle class. We can't judge others and say what's too much to have or not --- it's all relative and it's all about the heart. I believe God wants us to live abundantly --- but the 'stuff' doesn't make any difference to us. It's just stuff --- it has no inherent evil and no inherent good - it's only as good or useful as who has it. Do you use your stuff to bless others? Do you invite others to share in what you've been given? It's not about the stuff...the problem is when it takes over too much room in our heart and we seek after it....

From this blog, I read:
As Christians, there is a constant push and pull here. I'm certainly not saying I have figured it all out, but I do know this much. God cares more about how I live my life than what kind of purse I carry. It isn't that God doesn't want us to have nice things, He just doesn't want us to hold them too tightly. I pray everyday that God will make my life a beautiful offering, in whatever way He sees fit. A few days ago, that included giving up something material that I really like (and it goes with every outfit a girl could own, isn't she precious?!?!?!) because I felt He was telling me to do it. That's the bottom line...give to God generously, above and beyond what you are called to give, and do it with joy. Live your life directed toward His voice, knowing that one day, He may ask you to give it all away. It may be as insignificant as a silly purse (nothing personal, Coco), or as meaningful as someone you love. None of it is ours, not one bit.

And gotquestions had a very interesting answer to this question as well:


Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

Robin said...

Hi Randi,

Great post! I like Randy Alcorn's teaching on stuff... I need to try to find one of his quotes that speaks loudly to me... and I will be back...

Robin said...

Found it -


It's from 50 Days of Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

Randi Jo :) said...

Thanks Robin! Even if I don't always respond to each of your comments - I treasure each one!!! So THANK YOU for each of them! :)

I remember that quote from your blog. Randy Alcorn seems really good - my pastor talks about him frequently.

It really can be hard to live in this world yet not value what the world values and do what the world does, huh? :)