Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bloggers thoughts on worship

These are 2 of my favorite blog entries on worship. It really is all about what's on the inside, like everything. The world always focuses on the outside and always seems to 'major in the minors'.... we as Jesus-followers, spirit dwellings are no supposed to be like the world.



I remember doing a research project in my junior year (or maybe sophomore year) in my sports & religion elective (very cool class, huh?) and my end of the semester project was on Yankees fans and the Yankee religion. In that paper, I discussed how being a yankee fan IS a religion to some. They have extreme rituals, they have social customs and and behaviors. There are guidelines followed by players, by fans. They are a TON of superstitions.

The reason I bring this all up is because part of the religion of being a Yankees fan is the worship involved. The fans worship their favorite players. Fans worship the team/enterprise itself. Players worship all-time best players of the game. It's scary, unhealthy, it is a perfect example of turning to worldly things meant to be filled by God & spiritual things alone.

I am a Yankees fan, a BIG Yankees fan and I love sports a lot... but you won't find me idolizing players, or worshiping legends of the game.

So that's where a lot of this post came from:


I was accused on this entry for 'stealing' others ideas about worship...but clearly God has been trying to teach me this since that sophomore year in college when I took that class....and I want to voice it here - that these ideas of worship and idolization and how people will make religion out of anything to fill that void are not new, when a truth is revealed to you, do you claim it to be yours alone?

God himself is the creator of all the truths that are being revealed to us and Jesus lived it out.... so let's not let our spiritual pride get in the way of encouraging each other when we come to one of these truths - that others might have already learned sooner than we did. Ya know?

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