Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quote - A Woman's Heart

I saw this quote here (I love her blog by the way!) and had to post it:

A woman's heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase Him to find her.
C.S. Lewis

I love this. It really encapsulates (is that how you spell that?) the vision I have for my life as wife & mother.

It reminds me of the analogy I heard at our great friends Jim & Celeste's wedding. The pastor expressed that christian marriage is like a triangle. God is the top point and then coming down on both sides is husband wife and then the line at the bottom connects them. If you picture geometrically in your mind..... the surefire way to get closer to your spouse is to get closer to God.... and unfortunately it works opposite as well.... when you drift from God - you automatically drift from your spouse.

If there's one thing I pray most for.. it's just for God to please continue to bless me with passion and desire for Him, for me to somehow understand as much as is possible and never doubt His love for me and for the discipline to continue to pursue Him like He has pursued me. Despite all my failings as wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter.... I know that everything will be okay if I just continue to come toward Him even if it's just dragging my feet, screaming, crying, whining, barely walking, whatever - if I just move TOWARD Him in some way - it will be okay.

I want my heart to be so closely aligned with His that to get closer to me - my boys just have to pull closer to God.

And I know that everything will be okay for my boys, if they just walk toward God.... whenever I fail as wife & mom.... whenever I hurt or disappoint my boys and they do NOT want to pull closer to me --- I just pray that no matter what they will always love and pursue God - because no matter how bad we mess up or no matter how hard the devil tries to get a wedge in our sacred beautiful challenging relationships, if we all move toward God, we will automatically draw closer together!!!!

I pray that if there's anything I teach others - it's to just run toward Him when you don't feel you can, when you're embarrassed too, when you're doubtful - just do whatever you can to move closer to Him. And if you can't move at all -- just cling tight and don't let go and scream God I'm here - He'll come to you when you can't move.


:..Rebekah..: said...

Much needed encouragement! Thank you.

Robin said...

Great post!