Saturday, August 30, 2008

Differences are okay

Since I've been writing about politics and also previous to that writing about culture.... I know that those topics can be so controversial.. so I wanted to add in something here.

I always seem to be the one that can understand all angles, feel compassion for all sides, see different point of views… I love talking to people and seeing their perspectives. I am very open to listening to anybody. I still very strongly about my values... but I have just learned I can be passionate yet not judgemental. Have strong convictions but understanding of others.

Regarding our thoughts on politics... I know that we all just have to do what’s right by us based on our experiences and knowledge up to date. I really believe so many (if not all) of us want good … we just have such different ‘information’ because of the paths we’ve walked, what we’ve seen, read, heard.

I truly believe that as The Body specifically, we are all so interwoven — all connected through Him that no matter at all what our differences are - no matter how far we are away from each other…… if we all ultimately move TOWARD God… because He is the ONE point on top of our web/our body/our triangle/whatever you want to call it… that we all automatically move closer to each other… oh wow - that’s cool. I like that. If we would just focus on Him and move toward Him - we could move closer to each other and be stronger.

These thoughts are just a play off something I heard at a wedding.

more on that here:

BUT saying all that.. I want to say that ultimately these differences WILL melt away yes... and at the end God will tell us 'what's up'... BUT I absoluty do NOT believe in relative morality. Moral relativism is not biblical to me at all.

So yes I can see all perspectives --- I can love on anybody --- I don't want to focus on our differences in The Body ---- and I can understand why people believe the way they do when I hear "their story".....

BUT whether people have knowledge of it or not... whether our society promotes it or not.... whether we follow it or not... I believe morality is not a flexible thing. I believe morals don't change because culture does.

Anyway - Just rambling.


Andrew Clarke said...

This is a great post. I'd hadn't heard it put that way before, but I can see what you mean: the closer we move to God the more we converge, as if we were the lines of a triangle that start from different places but if we have the same destination, unity with God, we will be brought together. And I agree: moral relativism is an attempt to sidestep things. I can't accept it at all.

Andrew Clarke said...

Reading the post again: if I understand rightly, different people may arrive at different perspectives by their varying life experiences, is that it? Because I think you're right there. And differences do not need to divide. I've had friends who were Baptist, and believed baptism by immerson was important; but it need not be a division between them and Presbyterians, or other Christians. Blessing. I'd like to read your blog posts again.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Just wanted to let you know that Jesse was around 47 years old. He grew up with my kids, His mom and I have been best friends for over 53 years.
I'll be vack for a longer visit when I am able to concentrate better.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I have just started posting on politics recently (again), as I quit for a while because they can be so divisive. Usually those who want to have long arguments via my blog about their disagreement on issues are "activist" types, but normal average Americans will read and move on whether they agree or not.

I think it is vital that we stay united as Americans despite our views, but we should always be willing to discuss the differences.

Candy said...

Great post Randi :)