Saturday, August 30, 2008


Authenticity: The quality of being genuine; not false or copied; real

What does authenticity look like in your life? To be authentic...

To some it is justification to say what you want about others or to others without worrying about other's feelings and point of view. "Hey ... I'm just being real with you. I'm just trying to be authentic. I don't hold back. I am just telling you what I think".

To some it is justification for sins they don't really want to let go.

I don't agree with either of those hurtful 'ways' of being authentic. Authenticity is not above morality. Authenticity is not a cover for you to be able to be critical, hurtful or say whatever you want about or to others.

Authenticity to me is just sharing your life, good and bad. Inviting others into your physical house, into your heart, into all areas of your life.

There are SO many reasons to be authentic.... I wanted to write down one that a lot don't think about.

One reason I am authentic is because the truth always comes out in the end... I beleive it's better to be authentic and open NOW... to endure the pain/criticism/judgement by people because of our weaknesses and sin NOW then having it come out years later. When that bad harvest from those negative, bitter and toxic seeds comes up later - the negative is 100 fold and it almost discredits any good we have done from the ‘big lie’ until uncovery.

As painful as it sometimes - I want to be authentic. I really do… I want to able to share myself - good and bad with others and be genuine. Can you imagine if we were all really like that? It would ultimately be see free-ing and give those around us soo much freedom to be themselves and would make so evident that we all NEED a savior….

I want to be authentic so others around me have the freedom to as well and THEN the relationship really starts. Learning to love others as you see and experience their imperfections.

I know that when I expose my sin now.... when I put myself out there still totally ashamed of so many areas of me..... when I give and love and open up even when I feel totally not ready to yet — God will always be there to bandage me up and make me like new again when I get hurt again and feel pain of my wound being exposed to the air. He loves me so much more than I can understand. The world's view or opinion of me is in NO way a reflection of His view or opinion of me.

It’s just so hard sometimes! pride, embarassment, shame, guilt, the desire to just stay in our sinful state because we bought the lie that sin feels so good and we need it...the desire to fit into the world...anyway ramble ramble

Just some thoughts for today :)


Sarah Alderman said...

Randi, I just want to say thank you for sharing your ideas on authenticity. Its somethig that I strive for everyday... its hard, especially for me being a woman, to be myself and be real when I am always second guessing myself or worrying abut what others think. That is actually one of the core values of our church, is being authentic and real... It's so awesome that you and your church feel likewise. I look forward to growing and learning together as we get to know each other better.

Rachel said...

What a noble desire. To be authentic. Oh if the body of Christ would have more people with this desire. I believe we really could do a better job at reaching our world.